Pokemon Go April 2019 Community Day Is Today: Time, Shiny Bagon, And Event Move

Niantic has a couple of big events lined up for Pokemon Go next week, from a special Latios Raid to the return of the annual Eggstravaganza. But before all that, the developer is holding April’s Community Day. The monthly event returns today, April 13, giving players around the world another chance to earn bonuses and capture some rare Pokemon–including a new Shiny.

Just like previous months, April’s Community Day will only run for three hours, during which you’ll be able to find increased spawns of this month’s featured Pokemon. While the duration period is always the same, the particulars of each Community Day–such as what time it starts and what other bonuses you’ll be able to earn–typically vary month by month, so we’ve rounded up all the important details you need to know about this month’s event below.

What Is The Featured Pokemon?

Each Community Day, Niantic designates one “featured” Pokemon that’ll serve as the star of the event. Throughout the Community Day, the featured Pokemon will spawn more frequently in the wild than it normally does, making it a good opportunity to stock up on them. On top of that, Community Days typically offer players their first opportunity to catch the Shiny version of that month’s featured Pokemon, and the monster can learn a special move if it fully evolves by the end of the event.

The featured Pokemon for April’s Community Day is Bagon, the first form of the fan-favorite Dragon Pokemon Salamence. Throughout the event, Bagon will be much more common than it normally is, and you’ll have your first chance to capture a Shiny Bagon. Moreover, if you manage to evolve Bagon all the way into Salamence up to an hour after the event ends, it’ll automatically know the powerful Dragon-type attack Outrage.

What Time Does It Start?

Up until last month, Niantic traditionally held each Community Day during a specific window of time, which varied depending upon your region; in North America, for instance, the event would always run from 11 AM – 2 PM PT, while Europe’s Community Day would take place from 10 AM – 1 PM UTC.

Beginning in March, however, Niantic changed the schedule for Community Days. Rather than holding the event during specific times in each region, it will now take place everywhere from 3-6 PM local time. This should make it much easier to remember when the Community Day is happening, as you no longer need to convert the event hours to your time zone.

What Other Bonuses Are There?

Along with increased Pokemon spawns, Niantic offers a few other bonuses during each month’s Community Day as an extra incentive to go out and participate in the event. This month, you’ll earn triple the usual amount of XP for capturing Pokemon throughout the Community Day. Additionally, Lure Modules–which typically only last 30 minutes–will remain active for three hours when used during the event.

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