Pokémon Go is getting Detective Pikachu stuff

The live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, hits movie theaters this week, so naturally an event in Pokémon Go celebrating all things Detective Pikachu is in order. Niantic and The Pokémon Company are holding a special event that will commemorate (and help promote, obviously) Detective Pikachu with a number of new cosmetics and in-game bonuses.

From Tuesday, May 7, at 1 p.m. to Friday, May 17, at 1 p.m., Pokémon Go players will see Pokémon featured in Detective Pikachu in raids and in the wild. That likely means more Pikachu, Psyduck, Snubbull, and maybe even Mr. Mime showing up more frequently in-game.

Pikachu wearing a detective hat will also appear in photos taken with the Go Snapshot AR camera. If Pikachu photobombs your pic, the Pokémon will then show up in the game, with a chance to catch it, a la Smeargle.

During the event, Pokémon Go players will also get double XP for catching Pokémon, specially themed Field Research for the event, and new avatar items, including a Detective Pikachu T-shirt and a cap with Pikachu ears.

Here’s a peek:

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