10 Best Mice In Video Games

From Mighty Mouse to Stuart Little, pop culture has been using mice as protagonists for a long time. Viewing our world or even a fictional one through their eyes helps us perceive our reality in a slightly different way. For example, we overlook everyday objects like paperclips and forks, but mice often use them as a foundation to build their alternate universe.

In video games, mice can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Some may sneak around while you're not looking and steal valuable treasure and others may use their size and skill to benefit you. Good or evil, these mice left a massive impression.

10 Mouser – Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic

Compared to Goombas and Chain-Chomps, it's sometimes easy to overlook Mouser. Mario needed to defeat a couple of these bomb-throwing rodents in his second adventure by dodging incoming explosives and throwing them back into the rodent's face.

Mouser unfortunately doesn't appear in many games beyond the NES classic, but he did have a prominent role in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as one of Bowser's lackeys. It's a shame that Mouser hasn't returned for any of Mario's recent adventures, but at least he still has impeccable taste in sunglasses.

9 Chaddar – Animal Crossing

Many of the villagers inspired by mice in Animal Crossing will easily win you over with their adorable size and cheesy catchphrases. Each one of them has unique mannerisms and styles, but Chadder easily stands out from with rest with his snazzy tailcoat and cheese-inspired design.

First introduced in New Leaf for the 3DS, Chadder is currently the only mouse with a smug personality. Don't let that turn you away, as he is very friendly and would be an incredible neighbor for anyone. It is kind of weird that the interior of his house is mostly just a bathroom though.

8 Mappy – Mappy

When talking about the renaissance of mascot platforming games, it's often easy to refer to Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. as the pioneers of the genre. But before they were thwarting Bowser's plans to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, Mappy was on the scene taking down a family of cats.

In the original game, Mappy is a police mouse on a mission to defeat Meowkies and take back any of their stolen goods. His time in the spotlight was limited though, as only a few spin-off games were released before he handed in his badge and baton. Fortunately, Mappy's legacy continues to live on as games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continue to include music and references to the long-forgotten series.

7 Pipsy – Diddy Kong Racing

Speaking of mascot platforming games, no one was creating better games in the genre than the team at Rare during the N64-era. From Banjo-Kazooie to Conker's Bad Fur Day, the studio had a stellar reputation for crafting amazing adventures for unique and often hilarious characters.

Rare was never afraid to try something new, and with Nintendo's approval, they began development on a racing game starring Diddy Kong, Banjo, and a supporting cast of other anthropomorphic animals. Pipsy is a yellow mouse and the only playable female in the original roster. She has the highest acceleration in the game though, making her one of the best racers on the track.

6 Daroach – Kirby: Squeak Squad

If you're a fan of mice in video games at all, it would be worth your time to check out Kirby: Squeak Squad. In the pink hero's DS adventure, he is confronted by a group called the Squeaks, a group of mice that supposedly steal one of Kirby's most valued possessions…cake! Daroach is the leader of the crew and will challenge Kirby multiple times to gain whatever treasure he can.

Daroach has a very villainous presence with his large hat and cape, but ultimately becomes friends with Kirby over time. The two of them even became partners in Kirby Star Allies in which the maniacal mouse uses his powerful magic and the support from the Squeaks to take down any enemy on their path.

5 Tilo – Ghost of a Tale

Most mice in fiction typically live decent lives and only worry about how they will get their next slice of cheese. Unfortunately for Tilo, he has a lot more on his plate than other rodents and will struggle more than most. After being captured and imprisoned, he will need to escape and battle terrifying foes to survive.

Heroes truly come in all sizes, and if you have experienced Tilo's journey in Ghost of a Tale you will know how much the little guy goes through to get through his adventure. The tiny minstrel has a huge heart and is courageous enough to do anything to help the friends he meets along the way.

4 Ms. Mowz – Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Throughout Mario's journey to save Princess Peach from a group of aliens known as the X-Nauts, he will be accompanied by a diverse group of partners. Each one will help him reach new heights in the world and fight off any enemy in their way. Ms. Mowz is a recurring character throughout the game and is the plumber's only optional companion.

Ms. Mowz uses her speed and size to sneak into enemy hideouts and steal their valuable badges. After running into Mario a few times, she will end up testing him with an anonymous quest. If he succeeds, she gladly joins his party and can steal items from enemies and pierce through their defenses. She loves to flirt with Mario whenever she can, but don't worry, it's not as weird as the relationship Princess Peach has with an AI in this game.

3 Mickey Mouse – Castle of Illusion/Kingdom Hearts

Mickey Mouse first appeared in a short film by Walt Disney called Steamboat Willie in 1928. Almost 100 years later, he has maintained momentum and is one of the most iconic characters in pop culture history. Over the years, the happy-go-lucky mouse has appeared in cartoons, theme parks, merchandise, and of course, video games.

Mickey's Space Adventure was a text-based computer game released in 1984 and was the first chapter of Mickey's career in the industry. The Illusion series for Sega Genesis and Magical Quest games released during the '90s were immensely popular, but Mickey is most likely known for his role in Kingdom Hearts. As one of the Keyblade Masters, he will need to guide Sora on his wild quest through iconic worlds from some of Disney's most popular IPs to defeat the Heartless and Organization XIII.

2 Quill (Moss)

It's one thing to play a game starring a mouse from the comfort of your living room, but what about co-existing with your little friend in their world? Moss is a duology of games available for PSVR starring the heroic Quill, who needs to solve puzzles and defeat monsters to save her homeland.

You will have a special connection to Quill while playing through Moss because she interacts with you directly throughout it. The games are unique because the player wearing the VR headset is a character in the story. Quill forges a special bond with you early into her first adventure, and that bond grows even stronger as you spend more time with her. She will melt your heart with cute little dances and high-fives while also being incredibly courageous and inspiring for someone her size.

1 Pikachu – Pokemon

While Mickey Mouse is the mascot for a conglomerate corporation spread across multiple industries, Pikachu is simply the mascot of one of the most successful video game franchises; Pokemon. The yellow mouse shocked and enamored the world with its adorable design and "pika-pikas" when it first appeared in the original Pokemon games and the incredibly popular anime series in the late '90s.

Over twenty years since its debut and Pikachu couldn't be more popular. It has starred in numerous spin-off games like Hey You, Pikachu and Detective Pikachu, the latter eventually receiving a live-action film adaptation with Ryan Reynolds voicing the coffee-obsessed electric mouse. There are plenty of different Pikachu to interact with throughout the series, including the legendary Pikachu Libre. This mouse has been a staple in gaming, and its legacy has plenty of room to shine brighter.

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