10 First-Person Horror Games To Play If You Like Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village is the second game in the series to take place in the first-person perspective after 2017’s Resident Evil 7. This change was just what the franchise needed to kick itself back into gear. While Resident Evil 7 is a small, intimate horror adventure, Village is more action-packed and features more areas.

For anybody looking for additional horror goodness after the credits roll, play any of the games below. They range from spine-tingling terror to more action-oriented horror games. There is something about the limited view and more personal perspective of first-person that really elevates the horror in these titles.

10 Alien: Isolation

Unlike a lot of other games based on the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation pits you against one xenomorph throughout the whole campaign. You fight other enemies too, such as androids, but the real highlight of the story is the cat and mouse game between you and the iconic creature.

The AI is impressively dynamic, making the xenomorph unpredictable and truly terrifying. The story follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter after the first Alien film, so it is also a nice treat for fans. 

9 Condemned: Criminal Origins

This Xbox 360 launch title was a great way for new owners of the console to be scared right out of the gate. The first-person combat focuses on melee combat. Though firearms are still a part of the arsenal, they always have limited ammunition and cannot be reloaded.

The story follows a cop chasing down a serial killer while also being hunted for a crime he did not commit. A sequel also came out during the same generation, making its way to PS3.

8 Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 6 turned off a lot of fans with its overly bombastic action and set pieces. To bring the series back to its roots, the seventh game changed the perspective to first-person and introduced a new, inexperienced protagonist.

The move worked, and Resident Evil 7 is one of the scariest games of the generation. The whole game is also playable in VR. We recommend playing this before Resident Evil Village, but there is no harm in visiting it for the first time afterward if you still have not.

7 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This 2011 survival horror game may prove too much for some. Instead of combat mechanics, players have to contend with a sanity meter, which depletes from being in the dark for too long. Finding light sources is the key to refilling it.

There is no combat, so you must run away or find other ways to avoid monsters. Having no real means to defend yourself only further contributes to the terror.

6 Shadow Tower

This one is a little different from the rest. Shadow Tower is an early FromSoftware game for the PS1. Those familiar with the King’s Field series should already know how it works. It is the progenitor to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, only played from the first-person perspective.

It is admittedly clunky, even considering the time in which it was developed, but one can see the atmosphere that would go on to influence the legendary Dark Souls games.

5 Devotion

Devotion is more of a walking simulator than even the other slower-paced games on this list. There are still plenty of puzzles to solve, so it is not completely free of challenge. Players go through a surreal series of rooms each representing different parts of the protagonist’s life.

The game was at the center of a large controversy when certain parts of the audience review bombed it for allegedly offensive content about the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. After two years off marketplaces, it returned in March of this year to solid reviews.

4 Blair Witch

Blair Witch has not had the greatest history in the gaming space. Most notably a trilogy of survival horror titles came out shortly after the legendary film.

The most recent 2018 game faired better, feeling much more like a Blair Witch story. Some complaints were still lobbied at the gameplay, but the horror and atmosphere were definitely worthy of the franchise’s name. Developer Bloober Team is also known for games like Observer and Layers of Fear.

3 Outlast

Outlast came out early last generation and was even a free PS plus game for PS4 owners within the console’s first year. What better way to see the power of your new system than to be terrified out of your mind?

It mimics the style of a found-footage film, and players are unable to attack, instead being forced to hide from enemies. The game received a sequel in 2017 and a prequel is currently in development, slated for release this year.

2 Dying Light

Dying Light is perhaps the most action-packed game on this list, but that’s alright with us. It is also playable with up to three other friends, making it a great time for some online cooperative play. Playing with multiple people does not make being chased by swarms of undead any less unsettling.

A sequel is currently in the works and looks to be even more ambitious, but it has gone through some development hiccups.

1 F.E.A.R.

This game rides the line between straight-up action game and horror. Even more than a decade after release, few games have such intense and dynamic gunfights and the AI is simply incredible.

When not blowing people to bits with a shotgun, you are being stalked by Alma, the mysterious little girl seemingly at fault for the game’s conflict. Complaints were lobbied at repetitive environments, but the gameplay is more than thrilling enough to forgive this fault.

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