10 Forgotten First-Person Shooter Series

There have been so many first-person shooters over the years that it can be hard to remember all of them that have come and gone. Even series that have devoted fans have seemingly been forgotten by developers or even entire companies in favor of more profitable ventures. Most people seem to agree that this is a tragedy.

Sometimes, even the fans forget about a series simply because there are already more than enough choices in the first-person shooter market these days. A game can come out and be loved by fans, but it can lack a certain something that keeps it from becoming a dominant series, or receiving a sequel.

10 TimeSplitters

There are some people who have a love for classic shooters, and those who love the TimeSplitters series have some classic taste. The series told a fun story of travel through time and space, letting you have some FPS action in some exciting settings.

The series had three entries in the early 2000s, but it hasn’t seen an entry since way back in 2005. There is a small fan movement to revive the series in the modern era, but for the most part, both fans and studios seem to have forgotten about Sergeant Cortez.

9 Perfect Dark

Anyone who grew up in the prime of the Nintendo 64 probably got their hands on Perfect Dark at some point. The game was one of the most expansive and inventive shooters from the era, and it was so good it even rivaled GoldenEye in the eyes of many people.

The adventures of Joanna Dark were so thrilling that the game got a sequel in 2010 for the Xbox 360, which is better than what some other forgotten series can say, but since then, any mention of the FPS has gone dark.

8 Call Of Juarez

The Call of Juarez series does seem to be suited for those who love some western-themed shooters, but it might be fair to say that the genre isn’t exactly booming. The series burst onto the scene in 2006, but there hasn’t been a new game since 2013.

To give it some credit, the series did try to adjust to the times as Call Of Duty became more and more popular, but it seems that it was mostly left behind. A few of the games do feature a unique dueling mechanic that is a lot of fun, but clearly not enough to keep it on fans’ minds.

7 Duke Nukem

These days, it seems that most gamers enjoy the idea of Duke Nukem the character more than they do any of the games he features in. The series, and its humor, has been stuck in the '90s since it began, and even when it revived, that was as true as ever.

There will probably always be random little updates to re-release the classic titles on newer consoles, but it seems that even studios have given up on the IP these days. It does make sense: it’s a bit hard to translate Duke Nukem into the modern era without entirely changing the character.

6 Delta Force

Even though Delta Force was “just another one of those war games” pretty much throughout the series run, there were a lot of people who enjoyed the games. They were never the prettiest, but people found a lot of fun in the titles.

The thing is, most of the games boil down to you taking control of various military operations that everyone has become accustomed to. Since there isn’t a lot of innovation in a genre dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield, a new entry hasn’t come from this series since 2009.

5 Fear

It’s almost surprising that there haven’t been more Fear games considering the entire series is so beloved by fans. The games all feature some mind-bending narratives, fun mechanics, and lots of thrilling levels to play through.

The games began coming out back in 2005, and the series’ final release was an online title back in 2014. Since then, fans of the series have been hoping for any whispers of a new game, but so far, they’ve been let down. Maybe one day the series will come back swinging.

4 Homefront

When Homefront hit stores back in 2011, a lot of people were looking forward to what seemed to be a thrilling story. Unfortunately, the entire game was met with seriously mixed reviews, causing it to fall flat and be almost immediately forgotten.

The series tried again in 2016, but once again, the same issues befell them. These days, Homefront is generally used as a bit of a punchline among first-person shooter fans, so the attempt to revive the series in 2016 might have been the final effort.

3 Killzone

The second Killzone game is one of the most loved FPS games on the PlayStation 3, but it seems that the series failed to diversify its story and action. Originally beginning in 2004, the series didn’t even manage to run for a decade.

Fans haven’t received an entry in the series since 2013, but considering PlayStation has never shied away from mentioning the series, it’s entirely possible that there may be some plans to revive the series in the near future, even if people have forgotten about it.

2 Resistance

Unfortunately for fans of the Resistance series, those behind the scenes of development have been quite vocal that there is no plan to touch the games anytime soon. The series was a PlayStation staple from 2006 to 2012, but we haven’t seen a new one since.

The unique alternate history narrative was a ton of fun back in the day, and likely something that could be revived with a fresh twist. Sadly, Insomniac is probably a bit too busy focusing on cash cow titles like the Spider-Man series these days.

1 Turok

The Turok series seems like it should be printing money. It’s a first-person shooter where you fight alien dinosaur creatures. Unfortunately, the series’ popularity slowly dwindled over the years until it faded away.

The most recent effort was a kind of total revival back in 2008. Unfortunately, the revival fell into the trap of the time that was looking like every other FPS game on the market, so Turok was passed up on, leaving a fantastic series concept from gripping a whole new generation of gamers.

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