2023’s Call Of Duty Is Reportedly A Fully-Fledged Release From Sledgehammer Games

Following the confirmation from Activision that 2023's Call of Duty game would be a "premium" expansion to Modern Warfare 2, a recent report claims that the title is now a "fully-fledged" game of its own.

After the release of Modern Warfare 2 last year, rumours began suggesting that 2023's Call of Duty game would be a premium expansion to Modern Warfare 2, one that focuses on Ghost and brings back maps from the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Activision later confirmed that 2023's game would be "full premium", but didn't give any details beyond that, supporting the rumours that it was an expansion.

It seems that those plans have changed, however. As reported by Insider Gaming, 2023's Call of Duty is now a "fully-fledged" release from Sledgehammer Games, although it still appears to be linked to Modern Warfare. Insider Gaming reports that the project "changed direction" to be a full standalone game that's planned for release later this year.

The report claims that details on the game are pretty slim right now, but that it's "heavily connected" to Modern Warfare, which seems to support rumours of a game focusing on Ghost. The title of the game isn't decided yet, but it's suggested that it could end up being called Modern Warfare 3. Insider Gaming also claims that players can expect a lot of remastered maps for multiplayer, again supporting previous rumours that suggested maps from the original games would be included.

Even though the game doesn't even have a name yet, Insider Gaming claims that there are already planned dates for the game, including a first beta weekend from October 6 to October 10, campaign early access from November 2, and a full release currently planned for November 10. The report also claims that 2023's Call of Duty will also launch on last-generation consoles, which makes sense considering Modern Warfare 2 also did.

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