343 Says Halo Infinite Players Should Avoid "Continuing A Quick Resume Session"

Quick Resume is a function on the Xbox Series X|S that allows players to switch between several games over the span of a week with almost no load times. It's a great idea that really suits people who like to dip their toe in multiple games at a time. However, if you're trying to unlock collectibles in the Halo Infinite campaign, you may want to avoid the feature, developer 343 Industries' community director warms.

During Infinite's campaign, you'll come across various lockers that contain cosmetics that can be equipped to your multiplayer Spartan. "f you are offline, or disconnected from services – which can occur after Quick Resume – the cosmetics won’t show up in your MP inventory," tweeted Brian Jarrard, Infinite's community director.

Fortunately, "The team is aware and we will eventually have a retroactive fix (you will get the cosmetics you've (sic) earned)," Jarrard continued. "For now, I recommend not continuing a Quick Resume session and making sure you’re online before venturing into Zeta Halo."

So, if you've been diligently grabbing all of the cosmetics but haven't been online, there's no need to worry, you'll just have to wait for the fix to come out before you can don your Spartan in that shiny new armour. if you miss a locker entirely, though, that may be an issue, as you cannot replay Halo Infinite campaign missions at present. If you want to, you'll have to make a new save file and do them all again in order.

Halo Infinite isn't the only game that's having issues with quick resume. Forza Horizon 5 also doesn't like it when you load back into its vast open world that way. You may notice that the world is bereft of traffic or other players' drivatars, and trying to get into an online lobby or series of events will lead to an infinite load with nothing actually happening. As well as this, quick resume can cause audio to disappear. As with Halo, quitting and then restarting the game will fix these issues.

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