5 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of God Of War Ragnarok

Ragnarök has arrived, and with it, the end of the Norse Saga for God of War. This is not the end of the series, though, as there are plot points left hanging. Though some are solved through side missions, some of these details are still left in the air and make us wonder what will happen in the future of the series. New lands and Gods are to be expected as the Norse Saga ended, but there aren't many clues as to where the series will go next.

Just to be sure, keep in mind this list contains spoilers from the game, both from the main campaign and side content. That should be obvious, considering the title, but it never hurts to be clear.

Final Spoiler Warning

5/5 Who's Leading The Next Game?

Like a father sending their child to college, Kratos and Atreus have gone their separate ways, in a very touching scene, as the son is ready to forge his own path in life. Kratos stays behind and begins his own quest to fix the damage caused by Ragnarök throughout the realms (aka, you do the side missions).

That means Kratos has no intentions of leaving Midgard, at least not for the moment. Sure, something might happen between now and the next game, but the one who's traveling out there isn't Kratos but Atreus.

That begs the question: Will Atreus have a game of his own? Kratos is still more than capable of having a lot of adventures, but it would be curious to see an entire game with someone else, and Atreus and Angrboda on their search to save the Giants is a good topic to touch on. But at the end of the day, it's not like any of us would complain if Kratos returned for more. Death hasn't earned him yet, after all.

4/5 Will Kratos Be The New All-Father?

A bit related to the previous one, Kratos doesn't have a goal that takes him outside the Norse world, at least not for the moment. He sees a shrine dedicated to him, where he is apparently praised as the new God of the region, something that never really happened to him – except for when the Spartans asked for help during wars. Kratos then begins remedying the damage that was caused during Ragnarök along with Freya and Mimir.

Does that mean Kratos is the new protector of the nine eight realms? Will the people in these realms look up to Kratos for help? If that's the case, the chances of Atreus being the protagonist of the next game are even higher since now Kratos can actually retire around this region. Well, if you can call 'taking care of eight realms' retirement.

3/5 What Is Going To Happen With Sindri?

Who would have thought, all the way back in 2018, that the killing blow against Odin would come from the (formerly) cleanest blacksmith of all? Jokes aside, the Dwarves suffered greatly in this game, with one losing his life (again) and the other being consumed by vengeance, blaming Odin and everyone who fell for his trick, which includes us. After killing Odin, you can see him again during Brok's funeral, but he doesn't stay for a chat.

It's obvious he didn't become an enemy, but he does disappear after that. Though the saga has ended, Kratos did make a lot of friends in Midgard, and it would be fun to see them all again in the future (more on that later), but more importantly, it would be nice to patch this wound with Sindri. He deserves better.

2/5 Will The Valkyries Return?

With the All-Father gone, one of the many things you can do is to hunt Gná, the new Valkyrie Queen, since Odin would obviously not put Freya in this position, and Sigrún (among other Valkyries) took our side rather than his. She's an optional boss you can get to and fight against, and her death marks an end for the whole Valkyries. Or maybe it doesn't.

Freya does mention that the idea of reforming the Valkyries sounds interesting to her, to give her a more proper goal after everything is settled. Combined that with Thor's daughter, Thrúd, who wants to be a Valkyrie herself and is now the owner of Mjölnir, and the simple fact some Valkyries are allies, something can still happen to the group.

1/5 Are Any Of These Characters Returning?

The Norse Saga might be over, but Kratos and Atreus have made quite a lot of friends in the game, some of them even being considered a family by them. This means that, even if these characters do go to different mythology in a sequel, that doesn't necessarily mean our friends will just vanish.

They could make excuses, sure. Mimir could be left with Sigrún, for instance, or the Valkyries could be reformed by Freya, as mentioned before. But it's safe to say that, wherever Atreus goes, Angrboda will be with him. Does that mean we could have this power couple venturing among, let's say, Egyptian Gods, since the developers have shown interest in such mythology?

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