6 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising may be a mostly linear action JRPG, but it has a fair few secrets up its sleeve that can be easy to miss. While most players know the basics of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – and if you don’t, fear not, we’ve got you covered – there are some extra tips and tricks that may have gone overlooked.

Whether it’s understanding how best to utilise food or knowing which action mode is best for you, there are definitely some features in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising that most players missed. Fortunately, we’re going to detail them all for you so you can rush back in and try them out for yourselves. Aren’t we kind?

6 Revisiting Old Boss Fights

While there aren’t many of them, bosses in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising do play a huge part in your quest. You’ll come across a handful of these guys, most of which are pretty terrifying – we’re looking at you, weird snow monster thing. However, while bosses can be dispatched rather easily, there are a few that hang around. Should you revisit some of these bosses, you may have to face them once again.

This is true of the earlier dungeons, the Quarry and Great Forest. Both of these locations have bosses that you can refight, albeit at a higher difficulty. They drop unique items that are exclusively needed in crafting or to be given as quest items. Going back to take them on once again isn’t as tough as it seems but is incredibly rewarding. At the very least, it is a good way to test just how far you’ve come.

5 The Different Action Modes

Toward the beginning of the game, you’re presented with two options. These are the action modes, or essentially the option that determines just how you’ll be fighting in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. The Normal Mode ties each character to a different button – for example, Garoo to Y and CJ to X if you’re playing on Xbox. The Simple Mode ties each character’s attacks to the same button (X) with the ability to switch between characters tied to another (Y).

When you’re presented with this choice, it isn’t completely clear how it’ll affect combat. For example, choosing the Simple Mode may seem like the better choice, especially to newer players. But it’s arguably harder, as your characters don’t consistently switch and attack at the same time. The Normal Mode, on the other hand, takes more getting used to but makes it a lot easier to pull off amazing combos later down the line.

Figuring out which mode works for you is likely something you skipped over after you made the initial choice. However, it can quite drastically alter how you play Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and is therefore worth taking another look at.

4 Offshoots And Secret Treasures

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a Metroidvania of sorts. It features some of the trappings of a traditional Metroidvania, namely the secret paths blocked off by immovable objects. These, of course, later become available when you unlock the requisite item, but for quite some time they’ll remain hidden. However, due to Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s linear nature, there’s a very good chance you’ll forget about some of these offshoots and the treasures that lie behind them.

Of course, you can always go back after you finish the main game – and we recommend doing so. However, a lot of players, while exploring and completing the main quest, likely missed a significant number of these. As the main story simply has no need for you to go back to the Quarry or Great Forest beyond the first few hours, the secret paths in these locations may go unexplored. It’s a shame, as there are some great items hidden behind them – so get out there and scour each and every location for its secrets. Trust us, it’s worth it.

3 Fishing

Okay, so a few of you are likely wondering what we’re talking about – don’t worry, you’ll probably still be wondering with the next entry too. However, fishing in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a sorely underexplained mechanic. While there are a few side quests directly tied to it, there is rarely an occasion in the main story in which you need to fish. The game never prods you in the direction of fishing locations, and they’re often hidden from the player. You’ll have to do some serious exploring to find them, which is a real shame.

This may be due solely to the fact that fishing is a tad useless in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Sure, it may help with some side quests. However, beyond those and for the sheer thrill of the mini-game tied to it, there’s very little need to. It’s still fun, though, of that we can assure you. It’s essentially a rhythm game without the rhythm, a quick QTE that offers a little distraction from the main story. It’s just a shame most players likely missed out on this aspect of the game.

2 Crafting

As we said previously, some players may be wondering what on earth we’re talking about. Crafting is, after all, a huge component of the game – unlike fishing. For example, by crafting meals, you can not only replenish your health but also increase your base defence and attack stats quite dramatically. You can also craft potions and a range of other items, all of which will be incredibly beneficial to the player. However, this is an aspect of the game that is easily skippable.

You see, most items that can be crafted can also be purchased. In fact, most items that can be crafted are traditionally found while exploring. This means you’ll basically never have a need to craft. Due to the easy difficulty level and the constant supply of potions lying around each dungeon, you’ll rarely need to craft food to heal yourself. It’s a shame, as crafting is cheap and easy to do. It also makes the most of all of those items you keep collecting that just sit in your storehouse for all eternity.

1 The Town Music Changes

Some changes in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising are obvious. For example, expanding the town and creating new buildings – such as the accessory shop, a necessary building for any budding adventurer – dramatically alters its appearance. However, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising implements smaller changes to help keep things interesting. The main one that most players likely missed was the changing of the town’s central theme.

Due to its chipper and repetitive nature, the main town theme may fade into the background for some. That’s why when you complete a stamp card, many players may not have noticed that the background music actually alters. For each stamp card you complete, the town music changes. It becomes more optimistic and more lively, likely to reflect the positive changes the town is experiencing. It is a nice little addition to the game, but certainly, one most people will have missed.

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