700 Dynasty Warriors Tracks Are Now On Spotify

When you think of massive game franchises, you probably picture Mario, Final Fantasy, Madden, and Call of Duty. Dynasty Warriors is probably not super high on the list, but it should be. The franchise is already up to nine core entries, and when you add in expansions, spinoffs, and crossover titles, the whole thing measures well over 30 titles and counting.

Each and every single one of those games has its own unique soundtrack. When you add ‘em all up, that’s about 700 songs, and they’re now all on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

For those who haven’t played Dynasty Warriors, the vast majority of those songs are dominated by hard, driving guitar riffs occasionally sprinkled with oriental flutes. This makes sense when you actually play the game as there’s no better backdrop to slicing your way through hundreds, sometimes thousands of enemy soldiers than good ‘ol hard rock.

The soundtracks range from the original Dynasty Warriors all the way to Dynasty Warriors 9, as well as the Empires and Xtreme Legends expansions and a few spinoffs like Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and Dynasty Warriors Online. Warriors Orochi and Samurai Warriors are not part of this Spotify channel, so maybe Koei Tecmo plans to add those as a separate entry.

If you want something great for your morning jog or afternoon workout, then you could do worse than Dynasty Warriors. Although, we’d recommend you stick to the later titles. The original Dynasty Warriors came out on the PlayStation 1 way back in 1997, and recording techniques weren’t quite as high-fidelity as they are today.

Dynasty Warriors is celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is weird considering the first game came out in 1997. But regardless of how old Dynasty Warriors truly is, series producer Akihiro Suzuki recently said that they’d take a second crack at Dynasty Warriors 9 after the initial game flopped both domestically and abroad. There might also be a Dynasty Warriors 10 coming soon.

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