8 Best Grappling Hooks In Gaming

One of the defining features of modern games is the grappling hook. This thing has been around for decades, but in recent times, this humble hook on a rope has clawed its way into the hearts of gamers and developers everywhere. If you want to look modern, fresh, and zippy, you throw in a grappling hook.

With so many of these things (and players) flying around, it begs the question: which grappling hooks are the best? They exist in so many forms across so many genres, is it even possible to quantify a “best” grappling hook? Yes. Yes, it is.

8 The Grappler – Fortnite

Quite literally a toilet plunger on a retractable rope, the Grappler from Fortnite is a lot of fun to use. You pick a direction, shoot, and watch you gain ludicrous amounts of momentum and height. In a game where verticality equals advantage and ultimately, victory, being able to fly through the air is not only fun but viable.

We mean fly too, as chaining Grappler shots results in a silly amount of distance covered. Just be aware that fall damage isn’t negated, so keep a shot in the chamber for that emergency landing.

7 Your Mind – Divinity Original Sin 2

I am sure you are asking yourself: where is the Grappling Hook in Divinity Original Sin 2. Well, it doesn’t have one. What it does have, however, is the awesome power of telekinesis, which absolutely counts. Why? Because whilst you can’t slingshot yourself around the room, you can slingshot everything else.

Everything from furniture, to high explosives, can be launched at enemies, and you better believe killing a dragon by throwing a flaming wardrobe at its head is enough to land this game on this list.

6 Bat Grapple – Batman Arkham Series

Batman is a cool guy – some would (rightfully) say he is quite the icon. I mean, few Superheroes are as recognizable or universally accepted as Batman. Do you know what Batman has on him at all times? A grappling hook.

What does he do with his grappling hook? Just about everything. He uses it to more-or-less fly around Gotham, he can zip enemies to his current location for a quick bap, and he looks damn fine whilst doing it. Combine this thing with Batman's other gadgets and you’ve got yourself a winner.

5 Hookshot – Legend Of Zelda Series

Whilst it is most certainly not the first game to bring grappling hooks to gaming, it is one of the most iconic. The Legend Of Zelda series has slowly built upon the idea of the Hookshot over time, with the most interesting variant being in Twilight Princess (you have one for each hand, and it rocks).

The hook shot, in relation to the games it stars in, often ends up being the final piece of the navigation puzzle. You can use it to reach new areas in old locations, solve puzzles, kill enemies, harvest loot, and even grab items that are out of reach. It’s not as flashy as other entries on this list, but it is still an iconic piece of kit.

4 Grapple Shot – Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite had a rough start to life, but there is one thing that it did so right it has inspired countless montages. Of course, we are talking about the Grapple Shot. This thing makes Halo Infinite. Without this wrist-mounted human-launching device, the game would be objectively worse.

You can pull yourself to far-off places, you can pull far-off items to you, and you can latch onto vehicles for a styling jacking. There’s nothing to dislike about this thing. Slap it on and talk flight, Spartan.

3 Prosthetic Arm – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro is arguably the best game From Software has ever made. It’s fast, flashy, and infuriatingly difficult. It’s also the most open – mechanically – of any game in their lineup. Wolf can latch onto objects, buildings, and people and get around with unmatched grace.

Whilst it isn’t as fleshed out as some other entries on this list, it is one of the most satisfying to use. The flashy animation, the punch sound effect, and limited (yet excellent) combat utilization are all on point.

2 Web-Shooters – Spiderman Series (All Of Them)

This is another cheat because Spiderman doesn’t use a grappling hook – he uses his webs.; Functionally, however, they are absolutely twin wrist-mounted grappling hooks. They are also one of the best. One of the standout features in any Spiderman game is the web-swinging, and if he didn’t have that, would you even play the games? No.

That alone puts these well above just about every entry. If your grapples are one of the main draws to not just your game, but your entire brand as a character, how can you top that?

1 Meathook – Doom Eternal

When it comes to grappling hooks, the Meathook is hard to beat. This thing is brutally effective and designed to perfection. There are a few things that make this stand out in the pack. Firstly, it’s on fire. You launch this into an Imp, they get impaled, they get set on fire, and then you turn up on their doorstep with the next bit.

Of course, we are talking about the Super Shotgun. You can’t have the Meathook without the Super Shotgun, and this combination is simply unmatched. Latch on, pull in, unleash twin-barreled destruction. It’s as simple as that.

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