8 Best Love Stories In Video Games

Love can make its way into any video game, manifesting in the form of romantic love, as well as familial love. Some games are marketed as a romance, while others are more subtle. The love story may not be at the forefront of the game, but it is still undeniably there.

In this list, we are going to take a look at some of the best love stories in video games to get your heart pumping. This will be a combination of familial and romantic love, and involve games that aren't necessarily 'romantic'. First up, let's take a look at a classic hit from Supergiant Games.

8 Transistor

Transistor is a short and sweet game brought to us by the developers behind Hades. In this game, you play as Red, who wields a giant sword called the Transistor. At first, this seems like a typical exploration game with a story that slowly unfolds, but it evolves into so much more.

The narrator of the game resides in the Transistor, accompanying Red on her journey. Throughout the game, you will witness the love between the two and by the end of the game, you may even shed a tear or two for the pair.

7 The Last Of Us Part 1

Next, we have an example of non-romantic love. In The Last of Us Part 1, we meet Joel and Ellie. At first, they are a pair of strangers traveling together. What's more, Joel initially wants to distance himself from Ellie, since she reminds him of his daughter that died at the start of the apocalypse. Over time though, a love forms between Joel and Ellie. Joel begins to think of Ellie as a daughter and would do anything to protect her.

It's truly beautiful to witness the relationship between the two, and we are even more excited to see this bond grow in the HBO series. Overall, the beauty in this relationship comes from Joel opening his heart and realizing that there is still someone he can protect and love.

6 Bayonetta

The Bayonetta series has three games, all focusing on the titular character, Bayonetta. These are fast-paced action games that let you cut down waves of angels as a Umbran Witch. When you aren't slaying though, you can witness more than one love story. In the first two Bayonetta games, we learn about the love between Bayonetta's parents; Rosa and Balder. This is a tragic love, as the two are from opposing clans.

In Bayonetta 3, we also get a taste of the love between Bayonetta herself and Luka. The two have a deep connection that stretches across the multiverse, lasting even beyond death.

5 Hades

Hades follows the story of Zagreus as he makes his way through the Underworld to escape and eventually find his mom, Persephone. Along the way, you will meet a variety of people from mythology, including Achilles and Patroclus; these are two figures that were at the center of the Trojan War, and thought to be lovers.

During the Trojan War, the couple perished and separated. As Zagreus, you can reunite the two in the Underworld and tell Achilles where to find his lover. Through a short questline, you will get the chance to reconcile the couple's differences and bring them together. While this may not be at the forefront of the game, it's a satisfying conclusion for two characters that clearly miss each other, only made possible through your help.

4 Final Fantasy 8

When thinking of love stories in Final Fantasy, you may think of Tidus and Yuna. There are more love stories though, including that of Rinoa and Squall in Final Fantasy 8. Squall Leonhart is one of the main protagonists of the game, and is the leader of a band of mercenaries. Among the group he leads is Rinoa, who soon becomes a love interest.

The relationship between Rinoa and Squall is vulnerable, as it dives into more than romance. Squall struggles with speaking his emotions, while Rinoa is the exact opposite of this. By spending time together, a love forms between the couple, and eventually, Squall would do anything to save her.

3 The Walking Dead

Telltale's The Walking Dead brings a fresh perspective to The Walking Dead. Rather than following the characters popular in the show, we meet new protagonists, including Lee Everett and Clementine. Like Joel and Ellie, the love between these two is in a family-sense. Lee has no biological relation to Clementine, but he becomes a father figure to her.

The love between Lee and Clementine truly feels like a father teaching and protecting his daughter from the dangerous world. The story of the two is bound to leave you in tears, and happiness doesn't last forever in a zombie apocalypse.

2 Cyberpunk 2077

Next up, we have Cyberpunk 2077. In this futuristic game, there is a variety of potential love interests for you to choose from. Some of these interests don't bring much to the table, but this can't be said for Panam. Panam Palmer is a strong former member of the Aldecaldos, and is more than just a lover to V. Panam sticks by your side to the end, and the game even has an ending that directly involves her.

In addition to Panam, Judy has a great romance story. If you don't romance Judy, she may just seem like a tough techie. By romancing her though, you will get the chance to see a new side of this character. The love story between V and Judy is incredibly intimate.

1 Mass Effect

Lastly, we have Garrus and Tali from Mass Effect. Like Cyberpunk 2077, you can choose from several different love interests in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Romance can bloom between other characters as well. If you don't romance Garrus or Tali, the two have a chance to form a relationship.

Romance between Shepard and any character will provide a satisfying story as well!

Both Garrus and Tali appear in the first Mass Effect game, but they don't become romance options until the sequel. At this point, you can leave them alone and watch them develop a bond. The two have a realistic romance, complete with small arguments and flirting if taken into a mission together. While it's not the most heart-wrenching love story, it's great to see two beloved characters fall in love with each other.

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