8 Pokemon That Are Wet But Not Water Types

There are nearly 1,000 Pokemon in total, split into a variety of different types. Some of these types make sense based on the appearance of the Pokemon; for example, Ponyta is a flaming pony, so being a fire type makes sense. Other Pokemon can be a bit misleading based on their appearance.

Here, we are going to look at some Pokemon that seem to be wet, but aren't water type. These Pokemon can either be very obviously wet or seem like they fit best under the water. First, let's take a look at the only legendary on our list.

8 Lugia

  • Type: Psychic and Flying
  • Generation: II

First on our list, we have Lugia. Together with Ho-Oh, the legendary pair are the ‘tower duo’. As Ho-Oh represents the sky, it makes sense that Lugia would represent the seas. This is even seen in the categorization of Lugia as the ‘Diving Pokemon’.

Rather than being dual water type, Lugia is psychic and flying. Interestingly, Pokedex entries for Lugia describe the Pokemon as living deep at the bottom of the sea. Everything about Lugia would lead you to believe that they are water type.

7 Muk

  • Type: Poison
  • Generation: I

Muk is a classic Pokemon, introduced way back in Generation I. Just looking at Muk, you can tell that this Pokemon is wet. While the ‘wetness’ in question may not be clean water, it’s still a mysterious liquid.

Muk is poison type, while the Alolan version of this Pokemon is poison and dark. As a Pokemon that is literally dripping, it would make sense that Muk would be water and poison type.

6 Inkay

  • Type: Dark and Psychic
  • Generation: VI

Inkay is a tiny squid-like Pokemon who evolves in Malamar, a much larger squid. These Pokemon look like sea creatures that you would see swimming through the ocean, but they are not water type. In New Pokemon Snap, Inkay is described to instinctively react to anything in the water, implying that it is found under the sea.

Interestingly, artist Hitoshi Ariga stated that Malamar is intentionally meant to look like an upside-down squid, because this is how the sea creature often appears in picture books.

5 Cubchoo

  • Type: Ice
  • Generation: V

Cubchoo is a small, bear shaped Pokemon that looks obviously wet. This Pokemon is known for the giant wet booger that dangled from its nose. Although Cubchoo is an ice type Pokemon, there is no mistake that his booger is very wet looking.

When Cubchoo is healthy, this snot is thick and sticky, capable of dealing powerful attacks. On the other hand, when Cubchoo is not in good health, the snot will become a bit more watery than usual. Cubchoo is even capable of learning moves like Brine and Surf.

4 Solosis

  • Type: Psychic
  • Generation: V

Solosis may be an unexpected addition on our list. This is a cell Pokemon, with Pokedex entries describing it as having a special liquid that covers its entire body. The entry for Solosis in Pokemon Sword also states that if they take a heavy blow, all of this liquid would leak out.

As a cell Pokemon, this liquid is probably not just water. It’s green, and may be similar to cerebrospinal fluid, which is the liquid that surrounds your brain. While this isn’t water, it’s fun to imagine Solosis using water type moves using this green liquid.

3 Dragonair

  • Type: Dragon
  • Generation: I

Dragonair is a majestic Pokemon, shaped like a long blue snake. This Pokemon as the power to fly and change the weather, and several Pokedex entries even mention that Dragonair lives in ‘seas and lakes’.

Dragonair may also seem like a counterpart to Milotic as well. Although this is not confirmed in any Pokemon game, the two look like a pair of sea serpents that live under the water together.

2 Cursola

  • Type: Ghost
  • Generation: VIII

Cursola is a Galarian Pokemon, evolving from the region-specific version of Corsola. Corsola is a Generation II water and rock type Pokemon that is obviously meant to look like coral found underwater. The Galarian version of this Pokemon drops the water type, becoming ghost type.

Still, Cursola is shaped like a ghostly version of undersea coral. The white ghostliness of Cursola seems to be a reflection of climate change, which causes ocean temperatures to rise and coral to become bleached. Going off of this, Cursola is ghost type because bleached coral tend to not live very long.

1 Dhelmise

  • Type: Ghost and Grass
  • Generation: VII

Lastly, we have Dhelmise. This Pokemon is shaped like an anchor and a wheel from a ship, so it makes sense that it could be water type, especially since it’s described as the Sea Creeper Pokemon. For some reason, Dhelmise is just ghost and grass type though.

Dhelmise is made of seaweed and parts from a ruined ship, so the grass and ghost types do make a bit of sense, but in appearance, Dhelmise looks fresh from the ocean. If Pokemon could have a third type, then Dhelmise would definitely be ghost, grass, and water.

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