9 Hidden Areas In Forspoken Everyone Completely Missed

Forspoken's map is massive. With five different regions (Cipal is its own region if you didn't know), you can easily end up getting lost or sidetracked, especially if you're not using the zoomed-in map. Map icons that seem easy to reach suddenly become a twenty-minute ordeal as you try to parkour up a cliff face that is impossible to get over before you realize there is a pathway to the area back where you started.

Then there are the areas that don't show up when you scan the Belfry Towers. It seems like getting all the towers would reveal the entire map, but even after you scan them all there are still dark areas. These secret areas often hide bosses and loot, and if you're looking to complete the game 100 percent, you'll need to know where they are.

9 The Rock Beds

The Rock Beds are accessible by heading to the Mount Garrison Refuge in Praenost. From the refuge, just head towards the Farrum Guild and then follow the ravine south. Eventually, you'll find yourself in an area surrounded by mountains and be confronted by the Gigas, an optional boss that looks like a demon mob from World of Warcraft.

Gigas likes to hurl fireballs and jump slam toward you a lot, but if you're tenacious enough, you'll be able to take him down. Once you do, you'll be rewarded with the Fatale nail set which lets you create shock waves with Killerblows and gives a passive two percent bonus increase.

8 The Boneyard

Located in the South Plateau in Visoria, The Boneyard is an easily missable area. It can be found by going to the South Plateau Refuge and heading east until you reach a small stream. Follow the stream north through a ravine, and you'll eventually reach the boss arena where the Amphicynodon resides.

Amphicynodon likes to use AOE attacks, though sometimes it likes to shake things up by lunging at you. It is weak to Red Magic, though getting close enough to take advantage of this can be difficult. Take your time and whittle him down, and once you're victorious you'll be rewarded with the Honor nail set that boosts your Blue Magic.

7 Diversify Spell Juniper Fount

Like all the magic founts, you can find the location of this Fount by going to your spell menu, selecting the spell, and hitting the back button on your controller (X for keyboard, and touchpad for Playstation). This will take you to the location of the Diversify spell, but getting to the spell isn't quite that simple.

You'll head past Fort Chahiye towards the cliff. You'll see some rock walls that you'll parkour onto before performing a series of jumps around the rise. Eventually, you'll end up at the top where the Diversify spell is waiting.

6 Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shop is a seemingly out-of-place building sitting against a mountain ridge in Inner Visoria. It's the only shop outside Cipal, and arguably the best. Inside you'll find a Break Zombie named the Curio Collector sitting behind a shop counter that can somehow still talk.

It's easy to miss this shop, which is a shame since the items it sells are incredibly useful (if a bit expensive). To get to the shop, go to the Inner Visoria Belfry Tower and head west along the ridge. You'll find a dirt path and some wooden bridges that you'll go down, and you'll eventually see the shop.

5 Derbent Cave

Technically in the Water Garden in Avoalet, Derbent Cave sits below Fort Diivaar in the Blossomwoods. This unassuming cave is tricky to get to if you're not paying attention.

To reach the cave, go to the plateau behind Fort Diivaar which overlooks the Water Garden. Jump off of the plateau and look at the rocks below you, and you'll see an orange whip point. Latch onto the point and swing towards another whip point that will throw you upwards, into the cave. Inside you'll find some enemies and treasure chests.

4 The Forbidden Meadow

The Forbidden Meadow itself is not hard to find, but accessing it is. The walled-off garden sits to the northwest of Junoon Castle and seems inaccessible when you first find it… because it is. The only way to access the Forbidden Meadow is to beat the main storyline.

Once you've completed the storyline, you need to head to the Altar of Aasaan, which sits halfway between The Forbidden Meadow and Junoon castle. Normally you would only find a chest here, but post-story you'll see a Torana. Head through the Torana and, voosh, you'll be in the small walled-off area full of treasure chests for you to open.

3 Battleground

The Battleground is an archive spot located in Opal Hills, Praenost. The spot itself isn't difficult to find, as it is revealed if you use the Opal Hills Belfry, but don't let this fool you. Head north from the Belfry, and you'll find some graves near the mountain face.

Once you've read the archive notes, however, you'll suddenly find yourself in a Breakstorm and immediately be confronted by the Jabberwock. This Nightmare is nothing to laugh at as many of its attacks are hard to see in the storm and the Riven Wings that spawn with it are constantly using their beam attack on you.

2 Behind Visoria Castle

There doesn't seem to be much behind Visoria Castle other than the city that wraps around it. There are a few treasure chests in the area, but other than that there doesn't seem to be much to talk about. If you look closely, however, you'll see a stone stairwell that goes into a cave.

Inside the cave, you'll find several treasure chests, including some puzzle chests. Additionally, with a bit of exploring and wall-climbing, you'll find a hidden Archive Entry that doesn't appear on the map. Just be prepared to look at a lot of green lighting while you're inside.

1 Nowhere

The most out-of-the-way area in Athia, Nowhere is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. To get there, you, head east from the Crosstide Coast Belfry in Junoon, past the Ruins of Teharnaa to some stone spires with a puzzle chest on top. Do some platforming, and you'll find yourself in a metaphorical and literal nightmare that is the Farcoast Terrace. This area is nothing but endless jumping while navigating through a Breakstorm and Nightmares constantly spawning around you.

If you manage to make it past the Farcoast Terrace, you'll find yourself back in the sun in front of the Oxys Guild. Loot the guild and then look to the east where you'll find even more platforming. No worries, though, as once you finish this last jump challenge you'll find yourself in Nowhere, which has a single refuge and the Ruins of Koshish. The ruins are the home of Apsaravis, which upon defeat will drop you the Escalate nail set.

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