A Better Ubisoft Says None Of Its Demands Have Been Met Over The Past Year

It has been one year since advocate group A Better Ubisoft penned an open letter to Ubisoft management demanding structural, meaningful changes to the French publisher’s operations. A thousand current and former Ubisoft employees signed the letter, which was made in solidarity with the Activision Blizzard walkout in August 2021 calling for the end of abuse at both Ubisoft and the video game industry as a whole.

One year later, A Better Ubisoft has taken to Twitter to announce that absolutely none of its demands have been met. And as a result, Ubisoft continues to lose valuable employees, a disproportionate amount of which are women.

"It is one year to the day that we signed our open letter to Ubisoft management calling for FAR more action to tackle abuse and setting out our four key demands," wrote A Better Ubisoft. "None of our demands have been met."

The key takeaways from the Twitter thread include 25 percent of those who signed the 2021 letter have now left Ubisoft for other companies. Of those who quit, 39 percent use she/her pronouns, while 1 percent use they/them pronouns. "Women represent just 25.4 percent of our global workforce," explained A Better Ubisoft, "which means that we are massively disproportionately losing women who signed our open letter calling for more action to tackle abuse."

Ubisoft was rocked by scandal after scandal beginning in the summer of 2020. Multiple executives left the company after reports accused them of harassment, assault, or abuse, leading CEO Yves Guillemot to announce changes to Ubisoft’s hiring practices to better improve company diversity.

However, employees later reported no change to Ubisoft’s toxic work culture. A Better Ubisoft was created to advocate for employees who wrote an open letter demanding action from Ubisoft executives. Their key demands from 2021 are once again reiterated in today’s Twitter thread.

Failing to meet those demands may have done a lot of damage to Ubisoft's bottom line. As employees leave, games are being canceled or delayed, leaving massive holes in Ubisoft's release schedule.

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