A Certain Cyberpunk 2077 Perk Makes Cars Insta-Kill You

The content is never-ending when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 bugs. For CD Projekt Red’s next trick, it’s made one in-game perk the complete antithesis of its purpose – allowing the cars of Night City to become your number one enemy.

What should have been hours of groundbreaking RPG gameplay and a marker for next-gen gaming has turned into a parade of glitches. It’s a laughing stock to the detriment of the developer, but at least the results of releasing an unfinished game has its comical perks for the community. Aside from the unfinished areas, nightmarish shadows when you swim, and V’s comical Woody-styled run, one unforgivable glitch lies in the game’s perks.

Designed to aid gameplay, perks should be a reward for progression – unless that perk is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Redditor Kill2Blit highlighted the Cyberpunk 2077 perk “The Rock”, which is supposed to make you immune to being knocked down by an enemy in a car. During the user’s gameplay clip, we see them trying to escape a vehicle that’s hell-bent on running them over. After escaping, the user equips The Rock perk specifically designed to prevent this. Instead, the car ends up killing the protagonist upon impact – simulating Night City’s version of The Cars That Ate Paris.

Other Redditors flooded the thread realizing that this was their cause of death when crossing the busy streets. “This confirms that all cars are your enemies,” said one user, and another shared that they’ve even been killed by their own cars because of the flawed perk. Many commenters also highlighted how “unimaginative” the perks were – aside from the glitches – stating that there was “room for improvement”. This proves that Cyberpunk 2077 was far away from completion if the game’s fundamentals are seriously lacking.

In order to beef up defense against these killer vehicles, one modder used a specific strain of cyberware to outrun them. By combining the maneuvering system with reinforced cyberware, the modder produced a bunnyhopping technique that allows you to speedrun your way to safety. In the face of CD Projekt Red’s mishaps, the modders will fight back.

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