A Dragalia Lost x Persona 5 Strikers Collaboration Is Coming In Late January

Nintendo’s hit mobile game Dragalia lost has hosted some pretty cool crossover events with other Nintendo IPs, like Fire Emblem. However, the gacha has yet to venture out into crossovers with other properties until now, as Sega announced Persona 5 Strikers would steal hearts in Dragalia Lost later this month.

Just last month in December, fans discovered files that hinted at a crossover with the Atlus game. Redditors uncovered several characters in their datamine including Joker, Morgana, Panther, Sophia, and Arsene. For the unfamiliar, Sophia is actually new to the Persona 5 universe as a character exclusive to Strikers. The datamine still contains most of the information we know about Strikers, as Nintendo and Sega offered very little about what to expect in their announcement.

The scarce details came in the form of a new trailer you can check out now. The video spends a lot of time highlighting what Persona 5 Strikers is, more so than going into any detail about the collaboration. It does look like you’ll see Dragalia really imerse itself into the Persona 5 aesthetic though, with animations and UI elements that look like something straight out of the universe.

In the brief preview, it is confirmed that you’ll have access to Joker and will be able to summon Arsene in battle. It also looks like there are some Persona-themed enemies floating about on the field.

There is no exact date listed just yet for the Persona 5 Strikers event in Dragalia Lost, but January only has a few weeks left so it should be safe to assume you’ll see it pop up soon. Sega and Nintendo asked fans stay tuned to in-game announcements, as they should have updates in the pipeline for eager fans to jump in and play.

And while you may not have an exact date on when you can see Joker and his crew in Dragalia Lost, there is a confirmed date for Persona 5 Strikers. You’ll be able to pick up the RPG sequel next month on February 23 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. Best Buy’s copy even comes with a really neat steelbook version if you pre-order while supplies last.

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