A Plague Tale: Requiem: Every Souvenir Location

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  • Chapter Two: Newcomers
  • Chapter Three: A Burden Of Blood
  • Chapter Four: Protector’s Duty
  • Chapter Five: In Our Wake
  • Chapter Six: Leaving All Behind
  • Chapter Seven: Felons
  • Chapter Eight: A Sea Of Promises
  • Chapter Nine: Tales And Revelations
  • Chapter Ten: Bloodline
  • Chapter 11: The Cradle Of Centuries
  • Chapter 13: Nothing Left

Surviving in fourteenth-century France can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone children during a rat plague. A Plague Tale: Requiem continues the story of Amicia and Hugo de Rune as the siblings try to find a place to live simply.

Throughout the game, there are two types of collectibles to find, Souvenirs and items for Hugo’s Herbarium. With a total of 21 Souvenirs, you can find anywhere between one and three in many chapters of the game. Utilize this quick guide as we’ve outlined the location for every Souvenir found in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Chapter Two: Newcomers

The first set of Souvenirs is found in the second chapter of the game. Once you arrive in the red city, follow the path until you reach the main market. After you speak to the florist at the end of the market, turn left and then turn right to find a carnival-type game. You need to throw pots to knock down the boxes to obtain the collectible.

The second collectible is found after Beatrice asks Amicia and Lucas to find Magister Vaudin. After safely getting past the guards and the archer overlooking the courtyard inside the arena district, Lucas will ask if this building was a hospital. When he’s examining the dead body, head up the stairs and turn right to loop around to the upper level and find a woman still barely alive. Interact with her to receive the Souvenir.

Chapter Three: A Burden Of Blood

There are two Souvenirs to find in chapter three, A Burden Of Blood. After you make your way through the butcher’s district and exit the city, there will be a grave next to the workbench. Shoot the latch to open the gate and find the Souvenir.

Later in the chapter, Amicia and Lucas will find a warehouse with their missing equipment. Once you find your Sling by the locked workbench, break the latch to release the rest of the walkway on the middle level. Climb back up the ladder and walk across the new path to find the map of Guyenne.

Chapter Four: Protector’s Duty

The two Souvenirs in chapter four, Protector’s Duty, are found deep into the chapter. Once you reach the area where the guards are heading through the fish market, continue to follow the path until you pass through a narrow passage and climb the ladder. Before you drop down the trap door, crouch down and walk through the small opening directly on the opposite end of the trap door. Pull the cart inside to the other wall and climb the ledge to find the Souvenir.

After surviving the tar factory, you’ll be back outside near the docks. Before you go through the narrow passage on the left, break the lock on the right to drop the drawbridge. Drop down from the ledge and run to the end of the dock to interact with the edge to claim the Souvenir.

Chapter Five: In Our Wake

The first Souvenir in chapter five, In Our Wake, is found early in the chapter. After dislodging the boat from the rocks, follow the rocky path up the cliff. Continue heading into the woods, then go down the path to the left to find a small chest. Keep heading to the left of the chest and Amicia and Lucas will hear a stag bellowing, unlocking the Souvenir.

After helping Lucas get through the hordes of rats, there will be a workbench on the platform. If you look to the upper right, there will be a latch that can be broken to release a ladder. Climb the ladders to reach the top cliff, then interact with the side to shout to Hugo below.

Chapter Six: Leaving All Behind

Once you reach the settlement in chapter six, Leaving All Behind, you’ll find a small opening in between the tents where the small family is sitting around the fire. There will be a man leaning against the tent on the right. Head down the path and you’ll find a swing at the end for the collectible.

After Hugo learns Imperium, use the ability to cross the large warehouse infested with rats. When you enter the next room, climb the ladder and walk through the platforms to drop down into the locked room. Hugo will rebandage Amicia’s head wound, unlocking the second collectible.

Chapter Seven: Felons

The siblings utilize Arnaud’s shield to pave a way through the rat hordes in the caves in chapter seven, Felons. After exiting the caves, turn left past the workbench and climb up the ledge. Continue heading down the path to interact with the broken boat for the Souvenir.

After you meet Sophia and cross the beach with Arnaud killing the guards, you’ll pass through the narrow passage. Loop around the left to climb up the ledge and grab the torch to walk down the ramp into the darkness to find the second Souvenir.

Chapter Eight: A Sea Of Promises

Shortly after arriving on La Cuna in chapter eight, A Sea Of Promises, you’ll be in the main market area. Stay to the right to find a side path that takes you to a herd of goats. Interact with the goats to claim the first collectible of the chapter.

After the guard announces that the festivities are happening, head down the main path until it splits off to the side. Walk down to the lower area to find another carnival-type game to throw pots through hanging flower wreaths for the second collectible.

Chapter Nine: Tales And Revelations

Both Souvenirs in chapter nine, Tales and Revelations, can be found relatively early in the chapter. Once you find the first phoenix statue, follow it to the second one but keep heading down the path you’re on past the second house on the left. The Souvenir is the giant old tree at the end of the path.

Eventually, you’ll cross over the bridge with a man fishing on the side. There will be a tower toward the left of the bridge but the door is locked. Walk around the tower to find a small window and shoot the lock through the window to unlock the door. Climb the ladders inside the tower until you reach the top, then interact with the ledge to obtain the Souvenir.

This chapter is the only one in the game with a third Souvenir. After you enter the gate to reach the sanctuary, keep heading down the main path until you reach the goat shepherd. He’ll direct you down a side path, where you’ll find a broken-down building on the left. Burn the grass on the right of the door to reveal a hole that Hugo can crawl through to unlock the door. Inside will be the missing goat and the final Souvenir of the chapter.

Chapter Ten: Bloodline

Chapter ten, Bloodline, is one of two chapters in the game with only one Souvenir. Once Amicia talks to Hugo after he unleashes the rats, head into the torn building. Turn left and use the anchor point to break down the barrier on the side wall to climb through the opening. You’ll find a tree with the Souvenir at the base of it.

Chapter 11: The Cradle Of Centuries

This chapter is the last one in the game that has multiple Souvenirs. When you reach the large room with the fire braziers, use the one on the right first. Push it forward, then change directions to push it left. When you reach the blockage in the rail, continue pushing it upward until it stops before the rats. Use an Ignifer pot to clear the rats and drop down from the ledge and find the Souvenir on the table to the right.

After completing the brazier puzzle and heading across the bridge, you’ll be in a large area with a door that’s bolted shut. Before you try unlocking the mechanisms on the door, walk to the right side of the room to find a locked door. Have Hugo crawl through the hole on the left to unlock the door and find the Souvenir inside on the table.

Chapter 13: Nothing Left

The final Souvenir in A Plague Tale: Requiem is found in chapter 13, Nothing Left. After Amicia and Lucas find an opening to try and escape, break the lock on the door through the hole in the gate on the right. There’s a small chest to the right inside the hallway. Pull the large barrier so you can loop around and enter the next area. Before you use the anchor point, there’s another large barrier in the back. Pull it to reveal a hole in the wall and you’ll find the Souvenir inside.

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