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During the course of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, you may be too wrapped up in the fascinating plot before you to notice many of the Korok Seeds. Those are collectible items available in the game to be discovered in every story mission and even in a few side quests.

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The heroes visit Crenel Peak (found directly east of Hyrule Castle) during the story mission "The Road Home, Besieged." There are only three Korok seeds to find, which is helpful since it's a timed mission. This guide will lead you to each Korok Seed in order so that you don't miss even one.

Rocky Korok Seed

From the beginning of the mission, start by taking the southern outpost. Then follow these steps.

  • Head East
  • Then South at the first intersection
  • Finally, head West at the next intersection

You'll enter a wide area full of trees but if you examine one of the rocky cliff faces, you'll notice that it's got cracks. Blow it up with your remote bomb to free a Korok.

Torch Korok Seed

Now leave the enclosure the way you came in, but follow the straight path heading northeast. It'll take a sharp turn southeast before opening into a field. On the right-hand side where the path opens up, there's a torch made from a skull and a little pinwheel beside it.

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Target Position Korok Seed

You can feel free to progress towards the quest objective now. The final Korok Seed can't be found until the final outpost before you reach the target position.

In that outpost, you'll need to defeat two Electric Moblins.

Once that's done and the gate is open, progress towards the target location – but not too far, yet. Check out the left-hand side for a Korok flower to interact with.

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