Age Of Empires 2 Is Getting A Battle Royale Mode

Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition has a massive update planned for November to celebrate its one year anniversary. The Anniversary Update will bring with it several new features, but the most bizarre – and enticing – addition is the tense new battle royale mode.

Unlike most other battle royales, Age of Empires 2 will only let up to eight players drop into each match. You’ll start the round with a few soldiers, although you’ll be able to capture and pillage resources throughout the world, slowing building up your crew and giving them better gear. There will also be encounters with enemy NPCs, all while avoiding the ever-shrinking circle of fog and duking it out with your other human opponents.

You can check out the preview video (and battle royale action) in the video below:

To get you in the mood for AoE’s battle royale mode, Xbox Game Studios is holding a small tournament on October 31, letting 16 of the community’s favorite content creators go head to head for the chance to win a $10,000 grand prize.

There’s more to the Anniversary Update than battle royale, though. When it goes live, you’ll notice a revamped main menu, balance changes, overhauled civilization UI, and plenty of other adjustments. It’s the biggest update to ever come to Age of Empires 2, and we’re excited to check it out when it launches next month.

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