Aliens: Fireteam Elite Coming To Xbox Game Pass On December 14

Aliens: Fireteam Elite will join the Game Pass roster both for console and PC next month on December 14, Microsoft announced. The new Season 2: Point Defense will also begin the same, bringing a new game mode and additional content for all players.

Set in the iconic Alien universe, Fireteam Elite launched back in August. In this co-op third-person shooter, you can join forces with up to three players and play as a marine squad standing against the Xenomorph threat. With the game arriving on Game Pass on December 14, cross-play will be available between all Xbox and PC players who install via the Microsoft Store. Previously, you could only play the game between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

As Cold Iron Studios announced before, launching Aliens: Fireteam Elite was only the first step, as the title will continue to grow through regular content updates over the next year. Shortly after launch, Season 1: Phalanx began, adding a new character class kit, weapons, and cosmetics. With the game heading to Xbox Game Pass soon, it's great to see Season 2 starting on the same day to welcome newcomers.

All players can expect even more exciting new content for Fireteam Elite until the end of 2021 at no extra cost. This includes the survival-based Point Defense mode where your team must protect, repair, and hold three strategic points at once, fighting the increasing waves of nasty aliens. There is also a Lifetime Stats feature for your service record, four weapons, an assortment of new attachments, and Challenge Cards to modify your next missions.

For those who own the Deluxe Edition of the game, Season 2 will bring the Nostromo Salvage DLC featuring over 25 exclusive items. This pack can be also purchased separately for $9.99 starting from December 14.

The developers have already revealed the full roadmap for Aliens: Fireteam Elite until Q3 2022. There are at least two more Seasons incoming with brand-new game modes, character classes, and extra features to keep fans of the franchise engaged.

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