Among Us 2 Canceled In Favor Of Content Updates For The Original

If you were hoping for a new Among Us game, you’re going to have to be patient. Among Us 2 has been cancelled in favor of content updates for the original according to the devs.

Among Us was created in 2018, by an indie development team with an impressive number of staff members—three. The game didn’t see widespread popularity until earlier this month when 1.5 million players were attempting to play the game. Of course, things only grew when some of YouTube’s biggest channels started playing the game. The question for the developers then became, “should there be a second one or content updates for what is already there?”

In a blog post, the development team explained why they chose to go with content updates rather than creating a sequel. As it turns out, the code they chose to use wasn’t designed for heavy updates, which is a major reason why they were considering a second game—to update the core code so that they could handle content updates more easily. However, due to the existing success of the game, they are choosing to rework the code and add all of the sequel’s content to it for everyone to enjoy within their existing copy.

First things first, the small team has one person working full time on increasing their server capacity for all of the game’s new players. Secondly, the team is working out ways to accommodate for colorblind modes and additional player identifiers. They are also working on an account and friend system to keep everything accessible and organized. Finally, there will be a new map inspired by another of the team’s games—Henry Stickmin.

Among Us is enjoying unprecedented success that—if you were on the development team—couldn’t have been anticipated. The explosive growth has been handled admirably, however. A casual observer wouldn’t notice all of the leg work that the tiny team is putting in to keep the game exciting, fresh, and stable. It’s a truly incredible accomplishment that isn’t going unrecognized. That being said, you can expect the game to get better and better as time goes on and Innerslot hires more people to help. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the game.

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