Among Us 2 Was Still In "Planning Mode” When It Was Cancelled

Among Us is one of those things that really took off during the pandemic – like Squid Game and exercising. But the strange thing is that the social deduction game actually launched in 2018 and only blew up two years later, when developer Innersloth was already discussing a sequel. Well as we know, 2020 came, everything sucked, and the Among Us player base skyrocketed.

The team at Innersloth didn't want to create a hurdle for itself by launching another game while the player base was at an unprecedented high. So all plans for Among Us 2 were either put on the back burner, or incorporated into the original game itself. We didn't know what exactly happened with the work already done on the scrapped sequel, until now. It turns out that not much had to be scrapped at all.

When asked, in a recent Reddit AMA (thanks, PCGamesN), how far the devs got into Among Us 2 before changing the strategy, one of the devs, Puffball replied, "Not very far at all. It was only in planning mode." They elaborated on what was left out, saying, "There's tons of stuff left out. I was thinking of changing the formula a bit. Have things like requiring the impostor to use a weapon to kill. Big maps. Would've made the game a lot more complicated."

"We didn't really start at all. Pretty much just brainstorming what would need to go in to make Among Us 2 interesting," said another dev. "Puffballs has mentioned some other stuff like picking up items. Roles was a big thing. That kinda stuff."

Speaking of Roles, the devs were also asked about the Sheriff, which was shown off in the game's roadmap, but hasn't been heard of since. "I.. do want to clarify something with Sheriff here," replied Puffball. "We [probably] wont have something called SHERIFF exactly. When making the trailer i wanted to hint to roles without giving anything away, but there was some miscommunication and the names in the trailer didn't leave much to the imagination. There are plans, and i'm excited to see what people think whenever it comes out."

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