Among Us: Every New Task In The Airship

Roughly four years after its release, the Innersloth development team continues updating Among Us, and they just keep making it better — on March 31, they released their last big update, and it just adds tons of stuff to spice things up. They added new things like hats or the ability to pick the room you start in. They also added bigger lobbies so you can play with up to 15 people. But perhaps the most anticipated feature is the addition of a fourth map, the brand new Airship.

The Airship is the biggest map in the game so far, it has tons of new areas, and it’s a multi-story map, so you can use platforms or ladders to move around. Just like the other maps in the game, this one has mini-games (or tasks as the game calls them) that are exclusive to it, so keep reading to find out everything you can do in the flying vessel.

Polish Ruby

This one is one of those tasks that won’t take you more than a few seconds. If you get this one, all you have to do is head over to the Vault area, where you’ll see a giant red ruby in the middle of the room. Just interact with it and remove the few smudges that it has, and you’ll be ready to go.

Dress Mannequin

This is another task that’s exclusive to the Vault area. In the same room where you’ll find the ruby and a giant pile of gold, you’ll see a few mannequins lying around. Head over to the one that is on the lower right side and interact with it to dress it like the picture shown on the screen. If you have a hard time finding the mannequin that you’re supposed to dress up, just look for the one that is highlighted in yellow.

Empty Trash

All you have to do is find the garbage can that you have to empty and then pull the bag until it comes out.

Develop Pictures

This one is located in the red room that is on the upper side of the Main Hall. During this task, you’ll be given three polaroid photos. Place them in the liquid and wait until the picture in them is revealed, then simply take all three of them out of the liquid.


On the upper side of the Main Hall, you’ll find a room that has a shower in it. If you get the Decontaminate task, just head over there and use the shower to, well, decontaminate your little Among Us character.

Pick Up Towels

This task consists of two parts. First, head over to the Showers area and manually pick up every white towel that has a yellow highlight around it (they’re all over the place, so make sure to pick up all of them). Then head over to the upper side of the area where you’ll find the orange cart you have to put the towels in.

Fix Shower

In the Showers area, head inside the room with all the showers in it. Your job here is to fix the tilted shower head. Interact with it and hit it when the bar is in the green until the head is fixed.

Sort Records

To complete this one, just head over to the Records area and interact with the folder on the table. Pick up one of the folders and then place it where it belongs. You’ll have to repeat this process a few times until all the folders are in their proper place.

Clean Toilet

In the Lounge area, you’ll find a bathroom. Open up the stalls until you see a toilet highlighted in yellow. Interact with it to start the task. Your job here is to unclog the toilet, and as you can probably guess, you’ll have to pull up and down on the plunger until you see the little arrow mark the color red.

Unlock Safe

On the lower right side of the Cargo Bay, you’ll find a yellow safe you have to open up. To do so, pay attention to the number and the direction of the arrow that is at the top of the screen; those will tell you the first number in the combination and the direction you have to turn the dial.

Once you reach the first number, a second one will appear. Repeat the process mentioned above until you reach the second number (remember to follow the same direction as the arrow). A third number will appear after that is done, and you’ll have to repeat the same process. Finally, just turn the handle until the safe opens.

Reset Breakers

In the Electrical area, you’ll find multiple breakers you can pull, but you’ll quickly notice each one has a different number on it. There are seven in total, and to complete the task you’ll have to pull them, starting with the one that has a number one on it.

Put Away Pistols/Rifles

In the Armory, you’ll see that some weapons are out of place, simply pick them up and then place them where they belong.

Make A Burger

This task is in the Kitchen. Once you’re there, head over to the kitchen counter with the ingredients for making a burger and use the plate to start the task. All you have to do is follow the recipe and assemble the burger just like the picture shows you.

Upload Data

To complete this one, just pick up the phone, move it around until you get a perfect signal, and then wait for a little bit until the files are uploaded.

Rewind Tapes

In the Security area, you’ll have to use the TV to rewind the tape to the same time written on the paper on the screen.

Stabilize Steering

When you get this one, head over to the Cockpit and use the control panel, then just move the parts until they are aligned with the green lines.

Start Fans

To fully complete this task, go to the Ventilation area and find out the code (which is revealed in the lower panel) and then go back to the upper panel and type it in.

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