Amouranth Reveals Why She Hasn’t Fully Stopped Adult Content

In October last year, we reported that Kaitlyn Siragusa, a.k.a. Amouranth, revealed that she was married, and her husband controlled her finances, her content, and verbally abused her if she didn't listen to him. She made this public by livestreaming a phone conversation with said husband who berated her without knowing he was on the stream. He allegedly also forced her to pose as a single girl, as telling audiences about the marriage would "ruin the business model". Since then, she has separated, taken control of her finances, her streams, and the kind of content she puts out.

After a short break from streaming, she spoke about her harrowing experience. But she also let her audiences know that she's been doing better. In November last year, she revealed that she was streaming more Overwatch than hot tubs. “90 days ago, I was doing 50 percent or more hot tub, now it’s like sub 10 percent.” However, she still hasn't completely stopped doing NSFW content. You may think it's because it gets her the views and money, but Amouranth revealed otherwise.

"The most ignorant take I run into is when people say “LOL you didn’t change your content — you liar." I directly employ close to 20 people, I indirectly (services, editing, etc) pay/work with another ~9 on top of that," she recently Tweeted. "It would be selfish and irresponsible to do a 180 at a moment's notice. I gave 60 days notice to my “lewd” content staff letting them know they could find other employment but that their positions would be locked in for 2 months."

She went on to reveal that she has transitioned a number of her employees to other content projects and is keeping the NSFW content on only for a little while, once everything is in place.

"Doing all this in a deliberately measured way is the compassionate approach," she continued. "I ultimately was able to find new positions for every single staff member. Only one person opted to find a job outside of my payroll with the given 60 day runway."

She concluded with a strong message about how she now does things her way, and that people will always find a way to try and put her down.

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