An Artist Has Designed A Free, Printable Map Of Morrowind In Multiple Languages

One Elder Scrolls super-fan just put together an incredibly detailed map of Morrowind. Best of all, the artwork is free to download, includes editable text, and the creator is in the process of translating the work into other languages.

Oh, and you can even print it on a fleece blanket.

Morrowind can be a confusing place, filled with some of the strangest locations in the entire Elder Scrolls series. Hell, even it’s fast travel method is a bit off-kilter, as you’ll need to board a terrifying Silt Strider to quickly navigate the map. And – like all Elder Scrolls games – the world of Morrowind is absolutely massive, making it difficult to memorize every nook and cranny packed into its four corners.

However, thanks to this detailed map and its unbelievable level of zoom, you should be able to easily figure out where you’re going. The artist faithfully recreated the entirety of Morrowind down to street level – you can even see individual buildings. It seems that most players are throwing this up on a second monitor as a reference before diving into the game.

Morrowind might be nearly two decades old, but the classic continues to pull in a surprising number of players every day. At the time of writing, there were over 500 people playing on Steam – not bad for a game released in 2002. And while folks who’ve been playing Morrowind for years probably know the map by heart, this artist recreation is sure to help newcomers find their way through the strange streets of Vvardenfell.

In other Elder Scrolls news, some fans think Bethesda may have recently revealed the location of the next game in the series. The company posted a picture of Tamriel the other day, one that had two candles on it – located on Skyrim and Hammerfell. The caption for the image read, “Transcribe the past and map the future. Here’s to a Happy New Year!”

Take from that what you will, but it looks like we might soon be heading to Hammerfell.

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