An Out Of Bounds Glitch In The Last of Us Part 2 Lets You Explore The Elementary School

An out of bounds glitch in The Last of Us Part 2 lets you explore the Eastbrook Elementary school…with limitations.

Someone has discovered that you can force your way into an out of bounds mission area in The Last of Us Part 2, and captured an in detail tutorial on how to do it.

Sawyer Loiselle on YouTube put together the tutorial demonstrating how the glitch works, giving a fairly in-depth look at how to pull the trick off and avoid obstacles.

The video starts out pretty simple, taking part immediately after the Eastbrook Elementary chapter where Ellie and Dina have just escaped from a group of enemy Wolves. On the roof of the school, the player jumps down to a balcony leading to safety and where you would usually make your way through the apartment, instead, you’ll come to another balcony where you’ll be able to see the front view of the school, this is where the glitch is used.

Loiselle demonstrates the easy part with a fairly simple maneuver, showing that if you stand on top of the box just inside the doorway then sprint-jump at an angle towards the balcony railing, you’ll be able to hop onto it. To get down to the street, you’ll need to drop down onto either the trash cans or the apartment porch to soften your fall.

As the area isn’t supposed to be playable, it’s explained that the world won’t be visible most of the time, but Loiselle also discovered that you can still find your way around the map using photo mode. There also seems to exist a barrier that will automatically kill Ellie if you step over the boundary, but Loiselle was able to mark out the outline as guidance in the video.

The rest of the video is really interesting. Although most of the area is inaccessible, you’re still able to walk into the Elementary school, which will be empty, and fire shots at parked car windows. Another interesting fact Loiselle explains is that if the glitch is done without restarting the checkpoint after the WLF backup arrives, some of their assets will still be loaded into the map. This can be seen in the video as a pair of pistols are floating in the air.

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