Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Are Returning In November

Animal Crossing‘s notoriously rare collectable cards are making a comeback this Fall.

Since the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, amiibo cards of players’ favorite villagers have been incredibly difficult to come by. Nintendo, seeing the demand for the cards, has finally decided to resume production on the RFID-powered cards.

The cards will return to retail stores in November, marking the first time in more than a year since the series was last available to be purchased from a licensed seller. Players who previously wanted to start or continue their collection were forced to deal with resellers who often greatly increased prices for high-demand villagers.

Amiibo cards have built in RFID capabilities, allowing them to communicate with a Nintendo Switch. This allows players to invite villagers to their campsite. Amiibo cards are by far the most efficient and easiest way to way for players to find their favorite villagers and create their perfect island.

When a villager is visiting a campsite, players can extend an invitation to them to live on their island. Typically, players will need to perform a series of tasks to win them over. If a player’s island is full, the visiting villager will ask to replace a random villager, which a player is not required to go through with.

Unfortunately, the fifth card series, titled Animal Crossing: New Leaf, will not be returning, as the villagers contained in these packs are not available in New Horizons. Even without the fifth series, the four available sets contain 400 villagers for players to collect and interact with in their game.

Even though NPCs such as Tom Nook and Isabelle are included as cards, they cannot be invited to the campsite due to their various duties as workers at the island’s town hall. When using one of these cards in an attempt to invite them, players will instead be treated to a unique, cute interaction as they explain their responsibilities.

Giving new fans the chance to get unopened cards at reasonable prices is a great way to renew excitement for New Horizons. The timing for this announcement could not be better, riding the coattails of the trailer for the game’s Halloween update.

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