Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update adds art gallery, weddings, and shrubs

Nintendo has once again dropped some major news with no warning, revealing a host of free updates for Animal Crossing, starting this week.

Although Nintendo had already announced that Earth Day was going to be celebrated on 22 April (this Wednesday) it turns out that far more than that is planned for this month and beyond, with a host of major updates that are all free.

The video above sums everything up, but it confirms that Leif the sloth will be turning up with his garden slot for Earth Day (known as Nature Day in the game), which will last until 4 May.

Leif’s Garden Shop sells a variety of new plants and foliage including shrubs and new flower seeds, and we can already see azaleas and tea olive in the video. There will also be special Nook Miles+ rewards during the week.

Perhaps the biggest shock though is that Redd the art seller is also going to be a free update – not paid-for DLC – and he joins the game via Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler.

Redd will sell unique furniture colours not available in Nook’s Cranny, as well as art and antiques that may or may not be forgeries. If you give them to Blathers and they check out he’ll display them at the art gallery, which will be a new area of the museum that will open up at the same time.

There’s no date attached to Redd’s appearance, he’ll just show up every now and again, but there are a number of other previously unrevealed events as well, taking place between April and June.

May Day Tour (1 – 7 May)
This will involve a one-use May Day Ticket, similar to the Nook Miles Ticket, that lets you go on a limited-time tour to a special island filled with mazes and overseen by Rover from the previous games.

International Museum Day (18 – 31 May)
This new event will give you a stamp card that you have to fill in by visiting museum exhibitions, both yours and friends’, and proving you’ve seen all the various displays.

Wedding Season (1 – 30 June)
Another new feature for Animal Crossing, this will involve Harvey’s Island hosting married couple Reese and Cyrus from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where you have to act as a wedding planner in terms of scenery and photos.

Redd’s art gallery element was widely assumed to be paid-for DLC but this announcement implies that Brewster’s café may also be a free update, although that hasn’t been mentioned officially yet.

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