Apes Take Over Lumbridge For Old School RuneScape’s Eighth Birthday Celebration

Old School RuneScape turns eight this month, and Jagex is celebrating by bringing the monkeys from Ape Atoll to Lumbridge. Not surprisingly, things go awry, and Duke Horacio needs your help to calm them down before they take over the entire town.

The bizarre new event is worth a bit of your time, as you’ll be rewarded with a new wearable item, Cursed Banana. If you’re a member you can also pick up the Banana Cape – an exclusive item that comes with its own emote that features “one of the mischievous monkeys.” To get started, head over to Lumbridge and talk with the duke.

This week’s update brings more than monkey madness, as Jagex is also introducing a new map to the Last Man Standing map pool – Wild Varrock. ” Wild Varrock is an alternative version of the iconic city that exists on another plane,” reads the announcement. “It was discovered by a Guthixian mage keen to find new and exciting places to host their Last Man Standing competition. Ever wondered what the world would be like if Arrav had never saved Varrock from the calamity at the end of the 4th Age? Well, now’s your chance to find out!”

To go along with the new map, several Last Man Standing items have been added to the Collection Log:

  • Halos
  • Deadman Armour
  • Swift Blade
  • Guthixian Icon
  • Special Attack recolors
  • Victor’s Capes
  • Weapon paints and upgrade kits
  • Granite Ornament and Handle

There are a few other changes with the update, such as F2P worlds no longer having the option to play Competitive LMS, a renamed default LMS map, and a new loot crate model and animation. To see a full list of changes, check out the official Old School RuneScape blog.

Old School RuneScape is scheduled to launch on Steam next week, bringing the nostalgic fun to a new set of players. While it might not be the best way to experience Gielinor, it’ll no doubt bring renewed attention to the classic game.

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