Apex Legends Continues To Tweak Its Battle Pass After Backlash, Including 10 Free Levels

As a response to a fair amount of outcry from its playerbase, Apex Legends will be getting some further tweaks following its recent Battle Pass overhaul.

The developers originally decided it would be beneficial to overhaul the Battle Pass as part of Apex’s shift into its seventh season, which launched on November 4. Their intention was to make progression “more streamlined and rewarding,” but instead the new system actually made progression much slower, and more of a grind.

The community felt that the huge increase in XP demands for levelling were way too unreasonable. Specifically, you were expected to earn 10,000 XP in order to receive one star, and you needed 10 stars in order to move to the next Battle Pass level.

The developers at Respawn Entertainment have since revealed their plans to undo the problematic effects of this update, which includes giving all players 10 free Battle Pass levels. They even admitted outright last week that they “actually just screwed this one up.”

But Apex Legends’ game director Chad Grenier has assured us that they “have more changes planned in the future to give players more agency on challenge completion.”

Grenier mentioned that they’ve already reverted the difficulty of both the game’s daily and weekly challenges back to Season 6 levels, while rewards are staying the same. You’ll be able to complete said weekly challenges with more than one character too.

Now, instead of 10,000 XP, you will “only” need 5,000 XP to grab one star. Damage per character target has also been downsized from 1,000 to 250, and the damage per weapon class is now 125 where it used to be 1,250. Hopefully these changes will lessen the frustration and put more of the actual fun back into the game.

Other changes which went down with the launch of Season 7 include a move to a new map – the sky city of Olympus – changes to weapons and gameplay, as well as the addition of a new Legend – Horizon – to the game.

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