Apex Legends Players Share The Best Emotes For Dodging Bullets

We've all learned the hard way, that showboating during a competitive multiplayer game can come back to bite you in the ass. Whether it's tiki-taka-ing the football between your defenders in FIFA, or trying to go for a melee kill in an online shooter, things could easily take a turn for the worse, and you could end up conceding as goal or with a bullet in your head as you cling to your knife.

Speaking of shooters, Apex Legends is one of those games that will punish you if you attempt to showboat without any knowledge of your surroundings – the most common way being via executions. For those of you who've never played Apex, you have two options once you down an enemy – you can just shoot them, or you could perform an animated execution. While these executions look cool, they lock you in an animation, leaving you open to enemy fire.

That's precisely the thought behind the post UCCampbell posted in the Apex Legends subreddit. The video shows three players gliding through the air, when one of them suggests over voice chat that they should perform emotes to make it harder for the enemy to hit them. The OP wasn't too sure if this was true, so he asked the community. It turns out that it is.

Not just that, but other players suggested certain executions that make you a bit harder to shoot at. For instance, one comment suggested using the execution where Wraith phases three times, or the one where Mirage uses a bunch of decoys. Both of these can put your enemy off by a few seconds, giving you enough time to know someone's got you in their sights.

Another suggestion was Revenant's neck-snap execution, as he crouches behind his victim for most of the animation.

Apex Legends recently revealed its latest Legend, Vantage, aka Mara Contreras. Being a sniping-based character, her passive drops a helmet mounted scope to reveal additional information on marked enemies – like armour grade and team size. Her tactical ability helps her get to vantage points by sending out her pet bat and then jet-packing to its position. Her Ult gives her and her teammates a damage boost against marked enemies.

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