Archvale: 8 Best Weapons

Archvale is a truly special game, blending action-adventure elements, RPG mechanics, and a slew of bullet hell shenanigans similar to that of the popular indie game, Enter the Gungeon. You are tasked to reclaim the scattered arch stones in order to restore the titular Archvale, a literal doorway between realms. To do this, you will need to scour the land and take down powerful arch stone guardians.

Archvale thrives off of its gorgeous pixel art style, excellent exploration, fantastic progression, and, of course, its bevy of awesome weaponry. There are countless weapons for your hero to either stumble across or craft. Plus, you can have up to eight weapons in your inventory at any one time. If you find a few weapons you truly love, you can always upgrade them from a village blacksmith. Here are some of the best weapons in the game.

8 Tome Of Flame

The tome of fire is a powerful fire spell that can lay waste to a room full of baddies. The tome of flame is one of the earlier weapons you can acquire and is a great staple to your arsenal. This flame spell shoots out a constant barrage of fireballs that arc towards enemies and can cause burn damage.

What it lacks in raw power damage, it makes up for in speed and burning. Plus, each baddie you defeat with the tome of flame means a blue magic star is dropped. If you keep collecting magic stars then your spell becomes temporarily buffed.

7 Obsidian Thrownaxe

The thrownaxe weapon variety in Archvale is easily one of the best to have in your inventory. While the thrownaxes come in a multitude of types, the obsidian version is one of the very best, with high damage output and a good throw range. As the name implies, the obsidian thrownaxe launches a dark axe at your opponent.

What makes this weapon so special is that it can be thrown in rapid succession, able to take out a bunch of enemies in a short span of time. Once it has been upgraded a couple of levels, it becomes incredibly deadly during the late-game battles.

6 Frozen Shortsword

Melee weapons are quite effective in Archvale, more than you might think given the frenetic nature of the gameplay in Archvale. You have plenty of melee weapons to choose from but easily one of the best is the frozen shortsword. The frozen shortsword can be crafted after moving through the snow area.

This shortsword, apart from looking really cool, offers fantastic base damage with a quick attack speed. Keeping this weapon in your arsenal is critical, especially when taking on fire enemies.

5 Golden Bow

Archvale features plenty of bows and arrows to choose from, more specifically, ones that you can craft. However, due to a lower fire rate and damage output, many of them are quite as effective as you would hope. All of that changes when you craft the golden bow.

The golden bow is a shiny and powerful bow and arrow with reliable damage output, fantastic range, and a pretty decent rate of fire. Fortunately, the gold ore that is required to craft this excellent weapon is readily available in most of the starting gameplay areas.

4 Snowflake Cannon

The snowflake cannon is one of the rare gun-type weapons in Archvale. Unlike Enter the Gungeon, Archvale focuses more on magic, swords, and bows. The snowflake cannon is a powerful weapon that shoots out massive snowballs to deal damage in a sort of shotgun-style pattern.

The snowflake cannon is a treat to behold and can spread out the damage to a multitude of enemies in a room. Its range is certainly much shorter in comparison to magic tomes or bows, but its spread and size can easily clear out a room quickly.

3 Sinister Sword

The sinister sword might be one of the most overlooked melee weapons in Archvale due to its ease of crafting and lower damage output in comparison to similar melee weapons. The sinister sword is a dark variety sword that features bleed damage. Bleed damage makes the enemies take sustained damage over a set period of time once hit.

Crafting the sinister sword can take place within the first couple of hours of the game. This sword can easily stay in your inventory for the long haul since some well-armored baddies are weaker to the bleed damage. Plus, if you have the increased melee range badge equipped, the sinister sword becomes even more effective.

2 Glacial Spear

The glacial spear combines the best aspects of tomes and melee weapons into one very special weapon. The glacial spear, while a bit slower overall, deals effective melee thrust damage in combination with ice shard blasts. Simply put, the glacial spear is incredibly powerful and devastating to foes.

If you find yourself needing to fill out your arsenal of weapons, head to the snow biome, acquire plenty of ice ore, then craft the glacial spear right away. You won't regret adding this weapon to your inventory bar.

1 Tome Of Balance

While Archvale offers a good variety of tomes, the tome of balance is one of the most unique. The tome of balance fires out light and dark magic balls. This combination tome is able to deal a good amount of damage to a wide range of enemies due to its light and dark nature.

It's generally a good idea to have at least two tomes in your inventory just in case you encounter a baddie that is weak to a certain type of magic. The tome of balance is both effective and useful in most combat scenarios.

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