Arma 4 "Still Some Years Away" As Developer Focuses On Fighting Misinformation Over War In Ukraine

Bohemia Interactive would like to be 100 percent focused on creating Arma 4, but the Czech company has a big problem: fake news. Specifically, content creators using Arma 3 to create fake news reports about the war in Ukraine.

Back in November, the studio posted a blog update explaining how Arma 3 was being used to create fake news and what Bohemia was doing to stop it. The company released a video showing how to spot a fake news report that was made using footage taken from Arma 3, and that it was working with media outlets and fact-checkers to debunk misinformation.

"This proves to be quite effective. But we definitely can't remove every video that is being uploaded," Bohemia Interactive PR lead Pavel Křižka told Games "It's a never-ending process even now."

Křižka said that Bohemia is still trying to work with social media platforms as well to remove some of the biggest offenders and viral videos, but Bohemia simply doesn't "have enough capacity to go through all the videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and so on, and try to flag them down."

The interview eventually went to the topic of Arma 4 and how it will use an updated version of the Enfusion engine with modability built-in from the start. A set of developer tools, called Enfusion Workbench, will ship with the game and make it easier than ever for modders to put their own spin on Arma 4.

However, with resources being sapped fighting misinformation, Arma 4 is "still some years away."

"Basically, everybody in the studio is fighting this," Křižka added. "We watch a lot of videos about our game, so whenever someone sees such a video – whether they’re devs or in marketing or whatever – are flagging it down to us. We, of course, have a legal department but they are dealing more with the consequences of this, but there's no one here that browses the internet all day every day whose job is solely to do such a thing. We are concentrating more on our work in game development.

"We are game devs. We need to concentrate on our job."

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