Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Vinland Walkthrough

What a treat gamers get in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla when they arrive in Vinland! Historians have shown that there is a high probability that the Vikings got to the Americas before the days of Christopher Columbus, but even this trek was thought to be at least 100 years after the time of Eivor’s escapades in England.

While the scenery, culture, and language are sure to impress a wide variety of players, the fact that you show up there without any gear or weapons makes it a deadly venture. Tracking down your target will be that much harder. This guide will go through every objective and provide helpful details along the way to ensure that your voyage to Vinland is as successful as it is memorable.

In A Strange Land

  • Speak To Hytham About Gorm
  • Speak To Randvi
  • Speak To Nessa At The Docks

Most questlines begin with Randvi, but you’ll have to make a pit stop with Hytham on this one. Then speak to Randvi to make your pledge. Finally, head to your own docks and find Nessa for passage to Vinland. Like Hordafylke, it is not connected to the other lands, so you can only reach it by sailing.

You’ll sail in on a cutscene and begin the mission in earnest.

The Hunting Grounds

  • Search For Gorm
  • Follow The Village Leader

You’ll be given some busy work but ignore it. Instead, head to the village northeast of your position and speak with the locals. You’ll come to find that neither party understands the other, but that’s alright because they will lead you to Olav the Unlucky, who will give you some guidance in a language you understand.

  • Walk With Olav

After a few minutes of following Olav, you’ll arrive at an overlook where you can find one of Gorm’s camps. This will move you to the next quest.

A word of warning: If you prefer direct combat, you will want to use the resources found in Vinland with the traders at this location. They will give you armor and weapons that can only be used in Vinland. It does make the mission easier if you prefer direct confrontation and want to hunt the big game here for completionist credit. However, this guide is specifically tailored to these quests alone and will show you how to win without any need for collection.

Hunter Of Beasts

  • Find And Assassinate Gorm
  • Assassinate Gorm

Gorm’s correct location is at Narfljot Camp. You can sneak inside and listen to him yelling at his men. Without any armor or arms, your only real choice here is to assassinate him, but he’s got too many guards at his current location.

He’ll go and sit by a campfire. Kill the scout overlooking the location in a tower just behind him. After a while, two of Gorm’s men will badger him. He will send them away and then start following them; this is your chance because no one will be watching Gorm’s back.

Kill him and then run like the wind away from the guards.

Hunter’s Repast

  • Return To Olav At Sky Fall

Go back to Olav the Unlucky and be treated to a cutscene before you leave Vinland.

  • Speak To Hilde

Talk to Hilde and catch a ride back home after telling the gang the news about Gorm’s untimely fate.

Reporting On Vinland

  • Report To Randvi

Tell Randvi about the mission and that will wrap up this questline. From here on out, you’ll be able to stick to the European quests, but Nessa still offers rides across the ocean if you ever want to explore more later on.

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