Axiom Verge 2 Highlights A Ton Of Great Indies Coming To Switch In 2020

After this morning’s “State of Play” stream from Sony, it was hard to imagine how Nintendo could top the competition with indie games. For as creative and genuinely thrilling as indie games are, there’s something about Resident Evil 3 that just sets the world on fire. Somehow, Nintendo succeeded in making a more interesting stream.

While not everything shown looks that incredible, we got a confirmation of sequels to Golf Story and Axiom Verge, a look at a returning veteran in Streets of Rage 4, and even a new trailer for Skatebird. It was a fun little stream with a ton of cool info.

Sports Story kicked off the presentation with a little fakeout about being a direct sequel to Golf Story. After the protagonist drives a shot onto a tennis court, it’s pretty evident this sequel was going to encompass more. It blows out the game into much more, though, by including full dungeons and RPG elements. It’s pretty insane looking. Sports Story will launch in mid-2020 as an exclusive for the Switch.

Directly after, we got a new trailer for Streets of Rage 4 (one of my most anticipated games for 2020). While not long, it confirmed that fan favorite character Adam Hunter will be returning. Only playable in the original Genesis hit, Adam joins his daughter in this new adventure and is sporting a completely original look. It’s great to see him back after so long. Streets of Rage 4 will be coming out in Q1 2020.

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Changing gears a bit, Gleamlight was shown off and it looks to be a unique spin on the Metroidvania sub-genre. With no spoken dialogue, UI, or text, the game silently guides players to their destination through art alone. It seems like a cool premise, especially with its stain glass aesthetic. The game is currently targeting an early 2020 release window.

The next few games got a little experimental with their ideas. Bake N’ Switch is an isometric co-op game based around a bunch of cooks going on adventures. It looks reminiscent of twin-stick shooters, though obviously without guns. A PvP mode was touted as being included for competitive action. The game is currently slated for a summer 2020 release.

Supermash was one of the more interesting games shown off. With the slogan “The game that makes games,” Supermash is all about procedural generation and mashing up different genres of gaming together. The trailer shown off had sidescrollers, third-person shooters, a Sims-like environment, and tons more. It’s very ambitious and looks incredibly fun. It will be hitting Switch in May 2020.

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition was confirmed to be coming to the Switch later today. Containing over 120 puzzles (likely from previous DLC packs), the more noteworthy thing is that this is finally on Nintendo’s console.

Sail Forth seems to be capturing the pirate market in a manner that Sea of Thieves could not. Players will take to the high seas for adventure and create their own ships to navigate the ocean. There will be an ability to add new boats to your fleet and command them to go on missions. It’s set for a TBA 2020 release.

Dauntless, the indie take on Monster Hunter, will be heading to the Switch later today. Switch owners will get some exclusive armor to deck their characters with. The game will feature full cross-play and cross-save support so that you won’t have to worry about playing with friends. It seems like a solid fit for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Murder By Numbers didn’t get a big showing, but it was notable for having music composed by Phoenix Wright composer Noriyuki Iwadare. Combining a colorful aesthetic with some murder mystery goodness, it seems like it will be a killer of a time when it comes to Switch next year.

A new port of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be coming to the Switch next month. Pre-purchases on the eShop are available today. The game will feature gyroscopic controls for anyone that likes that sort of thing.

SkateBIRD looks to capture all of the elements of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with players controlling some incredibly cute birds. It’s a very odd mixture that is too funny not to want. It will be heading to Switch in late 2020.

Liberated is a cyberpunk mystery game that combines elements of action and political intrigue with a comic book aesthetic. Reminiscent of indie game FRAMED, players will piece together a story panel by panel and discover who is behind some horrible conspiracy.

Boyfriend Dungeon got a super cute intro that perfectly summed up everything you’d need to know. It’s a dungeon crawler where your weapons turn into cute, single guys and want to go out on dates. It’s amazing looking, to be honest. The Switch port will have HD rumble features and is releasing sometime in 2020.

Dreamscaper is a sort of jack-of-all-trades game that mixes dungeon crawlers, top-down shooters, and brawlers into one package. Players will be living the life of a protagonist in two different realms (waking and dreaming) while working through a narrative that delves into the mind. It will be heading to Switch first in early 2020.

The Survivalists is a new sandbox survival game from Team17 -creators of Worms and The Escapists– that will strand players on a deserted island and have them scavenge for resources. The trailer showed off the ability to train monkeys to do your bidding, which is all anyone ever really needs in life.

To cap everything off, Axiom Verge 2 was given an announcement and a short trailer. It seems the game will be a Switch exclusive and it planned for a Fall 2020 release.

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