Baby Sonic Has Come For Baby Yoda’s Tiny Throne

If you want the attention of the world then you need to create a baby version of a well-known and beloved character. Just ask Disney.

When the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog landed earlier this year, fans of the franchise around the world were horrified. Okay, horrified might be a bit of a stretch, but if Sonic’s bizarre and unsettling design didn’t make you angry, then it will have at least made you laugh. That was evident via the reaction and backlash to the trailer.

It didn’t take long for Paramount and Sega to take a few steps back. The release of the movie was pushed back three months and since then, the world’s most famous blue hedgehog has been redesigned. A fresh trailer debuted last month and Sonic looks a lot more like the hedgehog so many of us have grown up on for the past 30 years.

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There is now an even newer trailer with yet another Sonic. Don’t worry, the now near-perfect looking hedgehog hasn’t been messed with and changed again. This latest trailer released in Japan, which you can check out below, features a baby version of Sonic because baby versions of iconic characters have become a surefire money-spinner in the movie and TV world.

Baby Sonic is shown traversing the green, green grass of his home, Green Hill Zone. He then presents a flower upon reaching his destination, although we’re not exactly sure who to. If it’s Baby Tails then we might well lose our minds. A poster featuring Baby Sonic has also been released, and people who go and see the movie in Japan when it’s released in February 2020 will get Baby Sonic keyrings.

As for the current baby character landscape, that is being dominated by Baby Yoda. What Baby Sonic will have over his Star Wars counterpart is that he is actually a baby version of the better-known character. Baby Yoda is merely a younger version of a creature who happens to be the same species of Yoda and isn’t actually the iconic character at all. They’re both adorable though, so who cares?

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