Baby Yoda Has Been Added to The Sims 4

Baby Yoda has officially been added to The Sims 4, thanks to the game’s newest update. Nope, this is not a joke; this is 100% real. Get your simoleons ready.

Ever since the release of Disney+’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian, “The Child” (also known as “Baby Yoda”) has stolen the Internet’s collective hearts. From memes to merchandise, the cute little green guy appears to be everywhere in the world nowadays. And as of today, he’s also available for your Sims.

Twitter user @SimsVIP posted an image of the adorable green figurine today, who is now available as a decorative item in The Sims 4. This item is called “The Child Statue” and is priced at 504 simoleons. From the item’s description, it appears to be officially licensed by Disney and The Mandalorian.

The news of this item came as a shock to many fans, as it did not appear in The Sims 4‘s official patch notes for the newest update. Many people even posted dubious replies, wondering if this was just a photoshopped image or custom-made item. However, this is no trick – Baby Yoda is real and ready for your Sims to buy and love him forever and ever.

Twitter user @Pixelade, known for his Sims content, hypothesized that players could potentially be seeing more Disney-themed stuff in future updates. However, nothing has been confirmed.

In addition to Baby Yoda, the latest Sims 4 update came with a handful of new features and edits. New content included the addition of four new songs to the game, including “Nicknames” (Dayglow), “4am” (girl in red), “prom dress” (mxmtoon), and “Win You Over” (Whethan & Bearson feat. SOAK). The update also came with the addition of hairstyles that had previously been limited to teens and adults to be applied to children and toddlers. A number of bugs have also been fixed and updated throughout the main game and in various expansion packs.

Luckily, no matter what expansion packs you have or don’t have, Baby Yoda is available for everyone and anyone for you and your Sims to fawn over until the end of time.

The Sims 4 is currently available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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