Bad news GTA fans, Rockstar’s next game might be a Medieval sword fighting epic

For some years it's been believed thatGTA 6could be Rockstar's next big release, but new rumours today suggest that the developer might be working on a brand new IP for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles.

The idea that Rockstar might actually be working on a brand new IP is something we've touched on before, but these latest rumours would suggest that Rockstar new game is set in a European medieval time period.

Quite the opposite of modern-day Grand Theft Auto games, that's for sure.

However, given the amount of care and attention to detail Rockstar put into their wild west series, Red Dead Redemption, it's not completely surprising to see them going further back in time even further.

According toGamesRadar, a now edited Linkedin Post by a Rockstar Games Character Artist, Pawas Saxena, is the primary smoking gun which suggests Rockstar have some Medievil game in the works.

Supposedly, the new IP was known as Project Medieval "a title that was rumoured to be shelved some years ago by the company," explains GamesRadar.

To add further smoke to the fire, it appears as though Saxena's job description of his current projects has been recently altered.

Previously his projects included a line that suggested he was "creating modular environment pieces with organic finish carefully following medieval architectural style."

A follow-up rumour on Reddit – which GamesRadar reference, but should equally be taken with enough salt to satisfy a small horse – also claims that the medieval game will have a big focus on sword-fighting and one-to-one duels.

Which, we guess is like saying a Sci-Fi game will have a heavy focus on laser guns.

That said the idea of Rockstar ditching all sorts of weapons in favour of something entirely different does, at least in principle, does sound very interesting.

It was also suggested that the games release date is pencilled in for Q1 2021 with an official announcement which "isn't that long away."

We'd definitely be chugging back an unhealthy volume of salt back on the last part, for sure.

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Previously it was believed that the Bully series could once more be making a return with a Bully 2 sequel. However, despite a growing series of rumours, 'leaks' and more in past months, info has all but dried up in the last month.

That being said, recent sources told VGC in early October that Rockstar New England had shelved development of Bully 2 .

Whilst it's still unclear exactly what the Scottish games studio Ruffian Games are working on with Rockstar Games.

More recently it had been revealed that the studio was looking for new hires to work on some "unspecified titles" with Rockstar Games.

Which seems, strange, especially when you consider exactly how big Rockstar Games already is and how many staff and studios they have across the globe.

Could it be involved with Project Medieval? Bully 2? GTA 6? With Red Dead Redemption 2 now officially in a post-launch period for Rockstar, following the release on PC and Google Stadia, it's certainly food for through to work out what they might be working on.

Stay tuned for more info, we doubt this will be the last we hear about 'Project Medieval' or GTA 6.

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