Battlefield 2042 beta starts on this date according to new leak

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Anyone who has pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 will be able to enjoy the first beta dates in October.

Others who are waiting to see just how good it is by joining the open beta will have to wait a few extra days to jump in.

And the good news is that according to new information shared this week, things will be kicking off next week.

Following a series of delays that have seen the ambitious war game slip several release dates, EA and developers DICE have reportedly settled on when testing can begin.

Tom Henderson – a well-known and trusted Battlefield source – has revealed that the Battlefield 2042 beta for pre-order customers will start on October 6.

This will reportedly be followed by an open Battlefield beta hosted on October 8, with the end date not currently known.

A message from Henderson revealed that a leak had been found online and had revealed EA plans before they could share it, explaining on Twitter:

“It says events from Oct 6th – 9th (doesn’t mean the Beta ends then). It’s from the Bilibili live stream page, and BF2042 was recently added to the general categories section. BF2042 has an official account on Bilibili, so the info is real.”

“Looks like the BATTLEFIELD Beta announcement (with trailer) is scheduled for Wednesday. It’s unclear if the Bilibili leak will force them to release the trailer or not tomorrow, though.”

So if something big is being announced, gamers will probably only have to wait for another 24-hours to find out all the juicy details.

Battlefield 6: EA release teaser for ‘next generation technology’

And as pointed out above, the early leak of this information could mean the news being sooner than first planned.

Those wanting to know more about the setting of the futuristic shooter can find the full description below from EA, which reveals a world where resources are dwindling as violent climate change takes hold.

The United States and Russia are edging toward war, and with entire countries collapsing, people find themselves with no nation to call home.

“These nomads are known as the Non-Patriated (“No-Pats”), a diverse group of people who have bound together in clusters across the globe in order to survive the turbulent new world,” the description adds.

“In Battlefield 2042, you’ll play as Non-Patriated soldiers with unique skills who’ve taken up arms. They are known as Specialists, tasked with carrying out military operations. In-game, each of these unique Specialists have their own speciality and trait that you can use to give yourself the advantage in combat.”

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