Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List

Battlefield 2042's meta is now established for the holiday period, so we've got a definitive list of the guns to use if you want to get an advantage over those Christmas newbies.

The meta has already shifted and changed a lot since the release of the game thanks to balance patches for certain weapons as well as a reduction in weapon bloom.


The best of the best. Meta-defining weapons. This has changed a lot since the launch of the game, mostly due to balance changes and a reduction to the bloom and bullet spread.


This gun was awful at the launch of the game, but thanks to several tweaks and changes over the course of the first month of 2042, it's now in a really, really good place. It has high damage, decent recoil control, and can be kitted out in a variety of ways to match your playstyle.


Much like the AK-24, this gun is now much better thanks to bloom reduction. Kit this out with the SMG set-up (Shortened Barrel, Close Combat, Cobra Grip) and you've got one of the best close-range guns in the game. It even outguns the infamous PP-29, which has fallen down the ranks as a result.


The SVK is a dominant marksman rifle that takes out most enemies in two shots, regardless of where you hit them on the body or how far away you are. While you might still get outgunned by a DXR shot to the end, the SVK's fire rate, stability, and devastating damage make this one of the best weapons in the game. You can keep it versatile with a faster fire rate for close-range engagements or rely on heavy-hitting, slow fire to take down enemies at range.


Moving up the ranks thanks to bloom reductions, the K30 is now one of the best SMGs in the game. It was kinda unusable until the recoil/bloom was sorted out by patches, but now this rapid-fire SMG can melt enemies at close range. You won't be able to do much with it at longer ranges, but that's not what it's there for.


The PKP got a massive buff thanks to a recent patch, and it shows. This gun will dominate the meta over the next couple of weeks, so you better start using it and unlocking some of its attachments. The attached bipod underneath the gun promotes a slower style of play – we like to use McKay or Sundance to get to an elevated position then prone to mow down enemies – but its overall damage and decent range make this an ultimate power weapon for holding objectives.


These weapons are still very strong, and completing challenges and unlocks won't be difficult.


If you've played Battlefield 2042, you've already seen the PP-29. This nasty little SMG was one of the best weapons in the game, and it's still very good, but not as good as it was. It has very little "bloom", basically the bullets go where you actually fire them, a massive magazine, and the fast-paced movement of a light SMG. Bloom is apparently going to be addressed later in the game with follow-up patches, but for the time being, the PP-29 is just the best gun in the game.


The DM7 is very comparable to the SVK and honestly, you might prefer it over its marksman counterpart. However, we've stuck it in B-tier because we've found it less consistent at taking down enemies as smoothly as the SVK. Probably due to the kick while firing, its advantages as more of a run-and-gun weapon, and the SVK's just massive damage output.


The best sniper in the game (I mean, the game only has three) because the NTW was nerfed into the ground. You can fire pretty quickly with the DXR and headshots are an instant kill. It's a shame about the NTW, but these things happen.


The SFAR-M is not one of the highly regarded assault rifles in 2042, but we think it deserves a place at the top. We've found it to have some serious DPS output and despite its low handling value, it is easy to control thanks to lack of recoil and kick. With the right loadout (we like the regular Fusion Holo, Frag on your launcher, the Extended Barrel, and the High Power Drum for extra bullets and damage.) Seriously, try out this gun.


This burst-round Assault Rifle is unlocked quite late in the leveling process, but it's worth waiting for. It's a headshot machine. Something to do with the way the gun kicks after you fire, you're likely to hit those sweet shots whether your 200 meters away or run into someone around a corner. All-around powerful this one, and pretty much unaffected by bloom issues in the game.


Moving down the ranks, these are the weapons that are just ordinary, fine, just okay, or might be in need of a little tweak to change up their power level.


This sniper was powerful in the first couple of weeks, but it was later nerfed as some players began to complain about its damage to vehicles. It took a while because it's the final gun you unlock by leveling.


The VCAR receives an almost-honorable mention because it's not an awful gun – it just doesn't compare to the other marksman rifles. You need to get plenty of attachments on this before it's viable, though. The stock weapon isn't good.


Another honorable mention, the PBX SMG shouldn't be overlooked. Even if it doesn't compare to the PP-29 or kitted-out K30, the gun is still a decent little shooter and one that won't be a problem to earn accolades with if you're going for that sweet 2042 completion.

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