Bayonetta 3 Has A Naive Angel Mode So You Can Avoid Raunchy Scenes

After a five-year wait from when it was first announced (no, really) Bayonetta 3 finally has a realease date. The long-awaited sequel will launch on Nintendo Switch October 28, 2022. For those of you who want to play it without the risk of stumbling upon a little nudity, Pioneer has revealed the game will include the option to remove it from the game with the flick of a switch.

Shortly after the trailer revealing Bayonetta 3's release date, the studio behind the series posted an additional video showcasing the new feature. It's called Naive Angel mode, and the only change it appears to make to the game is covering up Bayonetta when she uses more powerful moves. You can check out how it will work in the comparison video below.

Bayonetta's outfit is made of her own hair. In the first two games, when the protagonist uses more powerful moves, that hair unravels, revealing her naked body. Well, not her entire body. The hair remains over the naughtiest parts of Bayonetta, but enough of her is on show for someone who doesn't play the games to question exactly what it is you're playing should they walk in, and you know damn well that will be the one and only moment they walk in.

As for whether Bayonetta's Naive Angel mode will make the next game in the series suitable for kids, that's still a big fat no. Even though you can now make it so that Bayonetta's clothes remain on throughout, it has still been rated M for Mature, and quite right too. Even without the partial nudity, there's still plenty of blood, violence, and salty language. Bayonetta even drops an s-bomb in the trailer.

Nintendo appears to be in the mood to surprise us this week. Even though a rating showing up for Bayonetta 3 on Tuesday hinted that a confirmed release date was coming, the trailer and launch announcement still came as quite a surprise. Add to that the very unexpected reveal of Kirby's Dream Buffet, set to launch sometime this summer, and Nintendo appears to be in a very giving mood. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements throughout the week.

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