Bayonetta Fans Think She’s Pulling Her Own Heart Out In New Trailer

Bayonetta fans have been celebrating for the past 24 hours as Nintendo finally confirmed when Bayonetta 3 will launch on Switch. The new trailer that came with that announcement has naturally been gone over multiple times with a finetooth comb by a lot of people, and some fans seem to think Bayonetta can be seen ripping her own heart out at one point.

The moment in the trailer comes at the three-minute mark, after the Bayonetta 3 logo has flashed up on the screen. That might mean you may have missed it on first viewing, so excited by the new trailer that you didn't realize there was 20 more seconds or so of new Bayonetta content to consume. Once the footage starts back up, Bayonetta can be seen plunging her hand into her chest and removing her heart, holding it aloft.

If you want a better look at what will likely be a very important moment in the new game, Epheremy has taken two very precise screenshots and shared them on Reddit. The post is below, as are the theories as to what exactly might be happening, and why Bayonetta needs to pull out her heart while preparing to battle a pretty terrifying beast.

The leading theory is the most obvious one. That Bayonetta dies in this game. Not a popular theory among fans, for obvious reasons, but one that does sort of make sense if paired with something else revealed this week. That Bayonetta 3 will have two Bayonettas. Nintendo has effectively confirmed that, highlighting a moment in the trailer when Bayonetta comes face-to-face with an alternate version of herself wearing an outfit made up of gold and jewels.

Perhaps one Bayonetta dies leaving the other to continue the saga. Providing there are plans for a Bayonetta 4, of course. Other fans have theorized Bayonetta is simply using her heart as a catalyst, and just like her hair when used for the same thing, it isn't consumed and returns to normal. Speaking of Bayonetta's hair, Pioneer revealed the next game will have a Naive Angel Mode that will leave the hero fully clothed throughout, and not strip her naked barring the areas covered by her flowing hair as is the case in the first two games.

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