Best Battlefield 2042 PP-29 Loadouts And Attachments

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The PP-29 was totally broken during the first couple of weeks in Battlefield 2042. It dominated the meta from pretty much every range due to its almost total lack of bloom. After some nerfs and tweaks, the gun has been knocked down a few places, but still holds its own.

The PP-29 is still a reliable SMG, although it gets slightly outclassed by the K30 if you're looking for something for pure close-range control. The PP-29 offers something slightly more reliable at medium range, though.

Best PP-29 Attachments

The PP-29 has a couple of viable options for its attachments in each slot, though we've played with this weapon enough times to come up with a pretty comprehensive of the current best selection of attachments for the SMG.

  • SightFusion Holo. Simple as really. It comes down to personal preference but just use the Fusion Holo. A classic red-dot.
  • AmmoStandard Issue. The Subsonic ammo is pretty much pointless, unfortunately.
  • Barrel – We love the Warhawk Compensator here, although you could also use the 6KU Suppressor (currently one of the only Suppressors in the game that actually works.)
  • Underbarrel – There are no underbarrel attachments for the PP-29 in Battlefield 2042.

There aren't many options to customize the PP-29, and that keeps things pretty basic. It's a great weapon to familiarize yourself with the gunplay of 2042, and you don't have to worry too much about the ins and outs of different loadouts early on.

Tips: You can use the PP-29 somewhat reliably at medium range, although it's nowhere near as strong as it was during the first week of release. Our recommended Specialist with this gun is Sundance or Angel.

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