Best TV Series of 2019

They say it’s a new Golden Age for TV, and you know what? It’s true. In fact, the biggest problem we have these days is finding the time to actually watch everything that’s worth checking out. And 2019 continued the trend of TV’s ascension in the pop-culture pantheon, with streaming services and cable networks jockeying for position and the viewer reaping the benefits with so many terrific shows on offer. HBO’s Watchmen has proven to be a masterwork right out of the gate, while Netflix is constantly dropping new programming, and often really hitting the mark with the likes of the head-trippy Russian Doll or the consistently great The Crown. Star Wars has a TV show now too! And Amazon is no slouch either with the likes of The Boys and Fleabag.All that said, this is our winner for the Best TV Series of 2019.

Best TV Series of 2019: Watchmen

Damon Lindelof’s sequel to the revered graphic novel didn’t just meet our expectations; it surpassed them in a way that maybe not even Dr. Manhattan himself could’ve foreseen (O.K., perhaps that’s going too far). Building a completely natural extension of the world created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons over 30 years ago, Lindelof and his team managed to revisit classic characters while never letting them feel stale while also giving us a whole new roster of players who are equally compelling. And this was all done with some of the most intriguing storytelling approaches of the year, as the characters — and us with them — stepped forward and backwards through time to flesh out the overall story. Watchmen is quite simply amazing TV.Best sure to watch Damon Lindelof's acceptance speech to IGN above!

IGN People's Choice Winner: Chernobyl

IGN's readers chose HBO's Chernobyl as the Best TV Series of 2019, giving it 26.1% of the vote. The Disney+ series The Mandalorian followed with 19.1%, and Amazon's The Boys took the third spot with 18.7%.Check out the rest of the IGN TV awards below!

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