BioShock 4 leak claims new game is called BioShock Isolation and set in new city

The first real details about the new BioShock appear to have leaked, describing twin cities set above and below ground.

It’s now eight years since BioShock Infinite was released and while that’s nothing compared to the likes of Half-Life 2, it is very surprising that nothing official has ever been said abut a new game, even though it is known to be in development.

The last time BioShock 4 was mentioned was in the Nvidia mega leak, which has so far proven entirely accurate, and a few job listings which describe it as an open world role-playing game and imply it is set in a new location not previously seen in the series.

Now, a purported leak suggests that the new game is called BioShock Isolation and that it revolves around two cities fighting a ‘vertical war’, with one above ground and one below.

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