BioShock Creator Ken Levine Says Gina Carano Shouldn’t Have Been Fired For Social Media Posts

Try as we may to move past Gina Carano’s terrible social media posts, it seems the internet won’t let us. After news broke that Lucasfilm had parted ways with The Mandalorian actor following a series of hateful and mean spirited messages across Twitter Instagram, the internet grabbed its pitchforks and started crying about “cancel culture” or some nonsense. As if to satiate the desire of nerds everywhere, BioShock creator Ken Levine then chimed in to add his opinion to this circus.

In a frankly asinine comparison, Levine stated, “My life is not improved and, in my personal opinion, Jewish people are not benefited or protected by the firing of Gina Carano.” He then goes on to state people shouldn’t lose their jobs for expressing stupid opinions, completely ignoring how being a public figure is about not being stupid in public.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that freedom of speech is not freedom from repercussions. We can all say what we want without fear of the government arresting us for our statements, but that doesn’t mean we can shout racial slurs or make distasteful and disrespectful comparisons and expect to face no consequences. If I were to go on social media and start a hate brigade against minorities, I would be greeted with a pink slip from my employer. You would, as well.

Gina Carano wasn’t sharing her idiotic thoughts in private with her own family. She was on a privately owned platform spreading misinformation, echoing transphobic rhetoric, and making false equivalencies to prove her own sick point. It’s honestly surprising that she wasn’t fired earlier, but then we don’t know what happened behind closed doors. For all we know, Lucasfilm already gave her six different chances and she blew them.

If any of this makes you angry and gets you fearing that “cancel culture is coming for you,” maybe take a look at your own actions and see what would cause people to think negatively of you. If you’re genuinely an asshole, then you should probably work on becoming a better person. If that’s too difficult for you, then expect to face the consequences of your indifference.

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