Black Ops 2 Map Standoff Coming to Call of Duty Mobile For Halloween

Call of Duty: Mobile players will be getting something special for Halloween. It has Jack-o-Lanterns, cobwebs, atmospheric lighting, and a fog-covered full moon: that’s right, Call of Duty: Mobile will be bringing back Black Ops 2’s Standoff map in time for the next season!

The game’s official Twitter account recently posted an image teasing the map. Although the Twitter account did not confirm that the promised map is Standoff, it’s clear to see from the prominent Jack-o-Lanterns scattered around the area as well as the looming pumpkin-headed figure in the center of the image that Standoff will be returning in time for Halloween.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s upcoming Season 11 begins mid-October, but Activision seems keen on playing their cards close to their chest. It’s not surprising that the company would be closed-lipped about Season 11, as it will be the first new season following Call of Duty: Mobile’s one-year anniversary on October 1.

As such, precious little information has been released, although a few details about Season 11 were leaked several weeks ago. Furthermore, Call of Duty: Mobile will be celebrating its first anniversary with a massive update, one that will not be receiving a test server to maximize players’ enjoyment of the content.

Most of the promised new content will be concentrated in Season 11, so players may have to wait a little while longer to play through what Activision has planned. Still, with developers having promised to add night mode maps to the game and multiple community polls for new maps and weapons, Call of Duty fans have a great deal to look forward to.

However, checking the tweet’s replies show that not every player is pleased to see Standoff return. Standoff was introduced to Call of Duty: Mobile as a seasonal map last year, in October 2019. Several fans commented that they had hoped Activision would introduce a new Halloween-themed map rather than rerunning Standoff.

Season 10 will end October 14, and Season 11 should begin immediately after.

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