Black Ops 4 UPDATE: Blackout duos replaced following 1.17 patch release

A new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update is out now on Xbox One and PS4, bringing with it some unexpected changes.

According to fans who have patched to update 1.17, Blackout Duos options look to have been replaced in the game.

The return of Hot Pursuit, which disappeared last week, appears to have taken the place of Duos, at least on the Alcatraz Map.

“I’ve pretty much only played duos on BO4, I could be off base here, but I feel like duos for me and my roommate, we aren’t just going to go to other lobbies and play with randoms for long and that it won’t really help populate other lobbies,” one user writes.

Another COD gamer comments: “The only time I can spend with my brother who lives across the country from me is when we play duos together.

“Duos is hands down the best mode and there’s no better sense of camaraderie than winning a BR alongside your brother. This can’t be real…”

It’s unclear if today’s Duos removal is something planned by developers Treyarch, or simply a mistake.

No official patch notes have been shared yet by the development team, which might help to explain why things have changed.

The good news is that some kind of information should be shared about today’s update in the coming hours.

Here’s what we know so far about today’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update:

Black Ops 4 now includes:

  • Infected in Multiplayer on PS4
  • Alcatraz Blackout Map available on all platforms, including Xbox One and PC
  • New Skill Divisions in League Play

Below is some news shared by Treyarch for the Alcatraz Map expansion when it first arrived on PS4:

“This is Blackout at its most frenetic, with close-up engagements in an all-new environment filled with deadly surprises around every corner. Ten squads of four drop in through portals above the island to fight for control, with up to five redeployments per player until the final circle… as long as one teammate survives.

“A completely new map means new destinations, new strategies, and new ways to dominate the opposition. Snipers can pick off their enemies from two opposing towers and wingsuit over to nearby locations when things get too hot. Barricades, Razor Wire, and EMPs are more important than ever with tight corridors and narrow pathways to cover as the final circle closes in… and you might be interested in what the zombies are guarding in certain areas of the map.

“Zombies fans familiar with “Mob of the Dead” and “Blood of the Dead” will want to explore the entirety of Alcatraz, now completely open with all-new areas to discover. You’ll also find plenty of Zombies-themed additions scattered throughout the map, including Wall Buys, jailed zombies sporting “Mob”-style prison uniforms, and a powerful Wonder Weapon new to Blackout lurking within the Mystery Box. Who knows what sorts of secrets are waiting to be uncovered?”

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