Blade Runner PC game now available on

Once thought lost to history, Westwood’s Blade Runner tie-in from 1997 has finally been re-released and it’s just £7 on

The one retro PC re-release that nobody thought would happen has… happened. Not only was the critically-acclaimed Blade Runner graphical adventure caught up in a legal minefield but according to folklore its source code was lost several years ago.

As if that wasn’t problem enough the game’s unusual voxel-based graphics made it very difficult to run properly on modern PCs, but the fan community behind the ScummVM emulator have helped to get it up and running on modern operating systems.

How exactly they got round the other problems hasn’t been revealed yet but the game is available to buy right now for just £6.89 on – a 10% discount thanks to the current winter sale going on.

Although the now defunct Westwood Studios are better known for Command & Conquer they also made The Legend of Kyrandia series of graphic adventures.

But while they were fairly standard LucasArts style point ‘n’ click games Blade Runner was a much more ambitious attempt to create a video game tie-in to the classic cyberpunk movie – which by that point was already 15 years old.

It features a separate story and protagonist to the movie but has similar themes and is set during the same time frame – so there’s lots of cameos and recognisable scenery.

Although it’s not based on the plot it’s the closest either of the Blade Runner films have come to an official tie-in.

There was an 8-bit computer game called Blade Runner but technically it was only based on the soundtrack, thanks to the film’s infamously convoluted rights issues.

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